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Sama Baby and Houston’s Earth Day – WHAT A SUCCESS! April 14, 2009

Hey There!

We had such a wonderful success at Houston’s Earth Day – met such AMAZING mothers who want to join our Sama Mama Team!  Here are some of our pictures!  Great kids in the cotton pool, moms signing up for Sama Mama, and much more… and of course, the wonderful Sama Mama team at the booth!

Sama Mama Sign Up

People really enjoyed coming to the booth and signing up – so many moms loved our story and the FEEL of our product!

Neha and Jessie in Designer Organic Cotton

Sama Baby Team – loving the headbands and the super fun T-Shirts. Nothing better than designer organic cotton – from the Sama Baby Head Fashion Designer herself!  Neha and Jessie in the cute outfits loving Earth Day!

Sama Babies really do love Organic Cotton


Houston Family Magazine – Sustainable Fabrics April 7, 2009

Check out our green article that we wrote for Houston Family Magazine this month.

In today’s increasingly eco-oriented society, the use of sustainable fabrics is on the rise. One of the most widely used definitions of sustainability is that which “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” There are many kinds of sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly fashion is full of them, contributing greatly to the reduction of energy consumption and the cleanliness of the environment.  Read more…