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Sama Baby Organics is an EcoBold Finalist! June 30, 2010

Sama Baby is a finalist in the EcoBold search for the best green products!

Steffany is just someone trying to make a difference in this beautiful world of ours! She was born and raised in a small ranch in Brazil and since then her mom taught her sisters and her to compost, recycle, and eat healthy. Sound like a great mom to me 🙂
They had a few fruit trees, chickens, horses, a couple of cows, dogs, 2 cats and even a goat at some point! You get the idea, it was a zoo! They even had “pick up trash” days where they would go to the little forest and pick up what others had left behind.
It was great, they would  play in the mud, eat fresh eggs, fresh milk, run after chickens and they never, ever got sick.
Today Steffany says she is very blessed to be living in Silicon Valley, she is a HUGE fan of showing people green alternatives to conventional products. Steffany says, “”Besides our environment being destroyed by humans, so many people are getting cancer and it’s even common for kids to be born with asthma nowadays. I just know it’s due to the chemicals that are all over products and food that we buy. But guess what? There are many, MANY alternatives out there! Great minded, hard-working, creative, green entrepreneurs are creating products that have a very small carbon footprint and most of them are much healthier for you”.      (source, about section)
To learn more about EcoBold visit their website @
Check out Sama Baby’s  finalist badge 🙂
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Sean Patrick Thomas and Aonika are Sama Fans! June 29, 2010

The Thomas family is quite a remarkable one. You may be familiar with Sean Patrick for his co-starring role in the 2001 film Save the last Dance, as well as his television role as Detective Temple Page in The District. Thomas married actress Aonika Laurent in New Orleans on Saturday, April 22, 2006. Their original wedding date had been Saturday, November 5, 2005 but had to be postponed due to Hurricane Katrina.  Aonika Laurent is a Louissiana born actress. In 2005 she had a small role in the first Fantastic Four Film as “Bohemian Girl” number 2.

Here at Sama we admire the family life the couple  shares with their children!

Lola and Aonika

We recently  received a thank you card from Sean and Aonika for the Sama gifts they received for Lola’s birthday. here is a copy of the note below 🙂

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Trista and Ryan Sutter, gifted Sama!! June 17, 2010

The only couple to survive from The Bachelor franchise, Trista and Ryan Sutter,  welcomed a healthy baby girl in Colorado last year! This is a perfect playmate for their son Max.

Trista Sutter: Blakesley “Loved” Her First Birthday Party!! Which included Sama Baby!

Trista Sutter: Blakesley "Loved" Her First  Birthday Party

To help celebrate the first birthday of Bachelorette alums Ryan and Trista Sutter‘s daughter, friends and family enjoyed an Alice in Wonderland-themed party, held April 3 at the Sonnenalp Resort in Vail, Colorado.

“Blakesley’s first year has been the best year of my life. It is definitely more hectic, but that’s the nature of it all…add another person, albeit tiny, to the mix and the juggling act gets a bit more chaotic. I do have to say that even though it is a bit harder, it is also more filled with love and laughter, and for that, it is worth it…a million times over!”– Trista Sutter

We recently received a thank you through Jewels and Pinstripes for the gift we sent Blakesley:

Once again – thank you! The “It’s fun to be One” gift bag you put together for Blakesley (and me!) is fabulous & the ones you did for her party were the talk of the town. You spoil us & we love it! Thanks again!

All the best,
Trista Sutter (& family!)

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Recent Child Mode Feature–Sama Back to School Denim!! June 16, 2010

Child Mode, recently reviewed our latest denim 2010 back to school line!

Words from Nadia Carriere – Publisher/Founder of Child Mode

I am forever on the lookout for new, exciting and innovative products for my children and enjoy keeping up to date with whats hot in the world of childrens fashion and baby gear. There are just so many amazing lines and brands out there and I find many of these fabulous companies are not “seen” or “heard”. Whether it be the latest and greatest from America, Europe and Asia, I try to cover it all.

Here at Child Mode we strive to bring news on the latest trends for babies and children as well as new innovative products and travel destinations for families. Celebrity children tend to wear the “best of the best” and so from time to time we feature “Celebrity Baby Style” where we identify the labels worn by these mini fashionistas. Stay tuned for exciting celebrity mom exclusives!

You MUST visit their AMAZING site!  Click Here: Child Mode


The Recent Child Mode  SAMA Post:

Sama Baby’s latest line is a must-have for any kid this season: organic jeans. Perfect for back to school, the natural jeans are high quality, organic, and affordably priced at $40 a pair for babies from 12 months old to six years.

Shivani and Neha Gupta, the founders of Sama Baby have always dreamed of offering stylish organic denim and are thrilled to finally share it with children worldwide. “We spent months testing the organic eco denim and wanted the jeans to look sophisticated, yet easy to play in,” explained Head Designer Neha Gupta. “We tested and tried our organic cotton denim out on children to find out exactly what level of fabric to use, and get the right amount of durability so that kids can play and have fun, while not feeling like they are wearing a heavy pair of jeans.”

The jeans are made with super soft denim and feature an adjustable elastic waistband (eliminating “bunchy butt”), laser etched tags instead of itchy sewn-in labels, rock star elephant lining and their signature embroidered elephant logo on the pocket. Boys get square pockets (the Dylan) and the little ladies have diamond-shaped ones (the Bridget).

Don’t forget to shop for your SAMA denim!!

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Kimberly and Brad Paisley: City Girl, Country Boy June 15, 2010

the williams paisley family

When Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams first began dating, the odds were not in their favor. He was a small-town Southern guy turned country singer, just becoming famous for his witty song lyrics and killer guitar style. She was born and raised in New York, then moved to Los Angeles while co-starring in the long-running ABC sitcom According to Jim. She knew zero about country music; in fact, she thought that at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry they sang, well, opera. To him, her Hollywood world had questionable values. “I used to be pretty judgmental back then,” he says.

Then they had dinner together — and afterward both were convinced that something important had happened. “Maybe two people in love always feel like there’s a bigger power at work,” says Brad, 35. Kim, 36, nods in agreement: “We just felt like all the events of our lives had come together for us to meet right when we did.”

The couple got together in the fall of 2001. But Brad fell for his future wife long before he even met her. Ten years earlier, as a 19-year-old aspiring musician in tiny Glen Dale, WV, he spent his first date with a local girl watching Father of the Bride, the movie in which an unknown actress named Kimberly Williams made her film debut.  “I thought, She seems like a great girl — smart and funny and all those things that are so hard to find.”

Finally, one clear and starry night, Brad walked Kim out to the end of the Venice Beach pier and made a speech about how they were meant to be in each other’s lives, and vowed he’d always be there for her.

In February 2007, Kim gave birth to the couple’s first child, a highly energetic boy they named William Huckleberry Paisley (called Huck for short).

Kimberly Williams-Paisley devised a clever way to tell her husband, Brad Paisley that she was pregnant for the second time with Jasper.  She had their 1 ½- year-old son Huck do it! 🙂

We just love this couple! They are adorable and down to earth. We hope you enjoy your Sama Products!! We recently received a thank you from them through Jewels and Pinstripes.

Oh thank you! I was so excited to receive the great birthday box of goodies for Jasper. It is so full of great treasures, as always. I’m ecstatic about the little bites storage jars. Jasper likes to feed himself now and I’m always needing safe, non breakable bowls for him to use – especially when we are on the road. And these are made for travel. I could go on and on but I am running out of space.  Thanks for thinking of us Julie!
I hope you are well – Kim

P.S. Also happy to learn about Kids Against Hunger. We will make a donation…

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Escalating Health Problems In Children- Could Be Related to BPA Levels. June 14, 2010

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Escalating Health Problems In Children

Chronic disease and terminal illnesses such as cancer, autism, asthma, birth defects, ADD / ADHD, learning disabilities and developmental disabilities are running rampant in millions of children in North America and Worldwide. Do what you can to keep your child safe!

Studies and scientific evidence are pointing to factors such as a poor diet, environmental hazards and household chemicals as the causes of these life changing and threatening diseases.

It doesn’t help that every day something “new” comes out informing the public that oops! something we thought was safe before is actually very lethal! Take BPA in plastics for example. BPA was virtually ignored as an issue for years until recently.

Here is a video on how the FDA says that BPA is safe despite scientists studies that show otherwise:

It is extremely sad, but most parents are harming their children and they don’t even know it.  You can protect your baby from the hazardous environment we have created for ourselves by buying organic. From the food you feed your child to the clothing you put on their bodies, and so much more in-between.

First thing you can do from the very beginning is to breastfeed your baby. Not only is this the best option for the baby, but it has many benefits for you and the environment as well. It helps you bond with your baby, helps you lose weight, and acts as a birth control method when used exclusively.

It helps the Earth by greatly cutting down on waste, from bottles, formula containers, and disposable bottle liners. Did you know it takes a plastic bottle 450 years to decompose? Cutting down on this will greatly help the Earth. If you do decide to bottle feed, consider using glass bottles and recycling them when your baby gets older. Not only will you not have to worry about BPA, but recycled glass helps keep plastic out of landfills. Just one recycled glass bottle can power 1,000 watts for an hour!

BUY ORGANIC–Shop our 100% organic baby clothing

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Jenna Elfman wants a Healthy Child, Healthy world too! June 11, 2010

Being supporters of Healthy Child, Healthy world ourselves we were ecstatic to be a part of gifting Jenna Elfman a birthday bag for her little one!

Jenna Elfman welcomed a new baby boy, Tuesday March 2nd,  in Los Angeles. According to People, the child was named Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman. Easton joins big brother, 2-year-old Story Elias.

When Jenna Elfman starred on the comedy Dharma & Greg, her character — a hippie — was big on helping to protect the planet. It turns out that Jenna was not so different than Dharma and has partnered with Healthy Child, Healthy World to help protect children’s environmental health, including that of her son Story Elias. “Motherhood has really connected me to and given me an expanded view and perception of ‘future’ that I never had before,” shares Jenna. “So then I immediately started feeling more aware and responsible for the consequences of all my actions with regard to how they were going to affect my son and his current and future life and environment. It certainly upped my ‘game.’”

I admit, I am not some perfect, green, mother person. But I do use planet/baby-friendly household cleaners, detergent, diapers, wipes, baby soaps/shampoos, flooring, paint, crib mattress and bottles … It’s a start in the right direction.

We think it’s a  great start Jenna 🙂

The letter we recently received through Jewels and Pinstripes:

Thank you for the great baby bag. It was full of so many great products. I especially loved the Mally baby bib. Please extend my thanks to all of your clients for their generosity!

Much Love,
Jenna Elfman

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