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Did you know Sama was in Entrepreneur Magazine? March 12, 2010

Did You Know? Sama was featured in this issue of Entrepreneur Magazine in 2009.

The article is all about portraying a professional image, which we all know is VERY important! Especially for start-up companies. We were featured for looking fly on the cheap! 🙂  Since the CEO’s of our company Shivani and Neha are still in their 20’s we are constantly looking for ways to portray professionalism, and to be taken seriously. One way we found to make us more official, for a small price, is having an 800 number. This makes Sama Baby  accessible nation wide. We got ours from, plans start at $9.95 a month, so it is, “an inexpensive way to make a college business look more professional, says Neha. Although our CEO’s are out of college now, we still utilise our 800 number on a daily basis.



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Reading Up on the Industry August 19, 2009

DSC06959As most people do – we read up on what is going on in our industry – what are moms thinking about, talking about, reading about!?

Well Kiwi Magazine is a great place to get a lot of great resources – people love reading about ways to green their home, how to gear up for another back to school August, and what is fashionable!


Here we are at a yummy little French Bakery – eating our fine herbes omelettes and wonderful hot chocolate – reading up on Kiwi Magazine. The childrens industry is such a happy place – and its great that we are in an industry where people are out to help nurture healthy happy babies – as we like to do at Sama Baby. Sama Baby is an organic cotton line that focuses on this as its sole mission – and providing great service and design!


Momtrends feature! April 27, 2009

Hey Everyone! Please click on this link to see our feature on!

Read this, “Every organic choice you make leave an impact on the lives f others who depend upon a healthy planet.” That’s from the label of a new brand called Sama Baby–a collection of truly luxurious organic baby clothing.

They sent me a bib to check out. The cotton was sumptuous–nothing crunchy about this. And the bib was printed with the sweetest little baby elephant. The collection is made in India with certified organic cotton and promises that the garments do not involve sweatshops.

In addition to being green, these clothes are incredibly cool. I clicked around the website and found a few favorites like the Double Layer Strap Dress ($28). And I love the chic simplicity of the Gown with the tiny elephant graphic ($25)–perfect for a newborn baby boy.

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Editors Showcase – Modern Moms – New York City March 25, 2009

The event that links top brands to reach the audience of Modern Moms!

The event that links top brands to reach the audience of Modern Moms!

Hi Everyone,

Neha here again! After returning from a long trip from India and then a quick trip to California, we headed out to NYC for the Editors Showcase. It was a great and successful trip!

New York was quite a city – I was very nervous about going back, since I loved it so much, but it was really going at such a speed – I was shocked at how fast I used to be going at.

As for the Editors Showcase – I found the best garment rack on the planet. For anyone that ever needs a garment rack or goes to a trade show and needs a great garment rack – go to Bed Bath and Beyond – and get the commercial Garment rack 59.99. It was amazing.. considering that at Expo West the Target rack fell over a few times, and was a bit of a hazard.

The event was wonderful – we were the only organic cotton children’s clothing line at the event, and people loved our new designs for fall and our cute dresses for Spring. People were excited that our prices were reasonable, that our story was unique, and that we were so young!

One of my favorite meetings was with Polly at O Magazine – she was so excited to hear about our story, and female entrepreneurs in today’s economy. I also met with some great editors from Parents, Time Out NY, Kiwi, Today show and!

I am super excited that we met with so many great editors who were interested in our line, and who we are as a team – and esp. excited about our new denim line! We hope to get quite a few features for April since it is the month for Earth Day!

Here is some further information from Editor Showcase’s Website:

As a brand manager, each day you are faced with the overriding question of how to break through clutter and get the attention of editors, reporters, producers, bloggers, and beyond. And you ponder how, through it all, you will be able to make just the right connection that earns your brand a moment in the spotlight and a seat at the table with your target audience: modern moms.

Editor Showcase brings you and your brand front and center with the influential media that most moms consult before making their purchasing decisions. No phone calls. No pitching. No unsolicited emails. Just you, and more than 100 editors looking to learn more about the products/services that would be of interest to their readers. Better yet, you accomplish in just a few hours of pretty serious networking what would normally take months of legwork and sleepless nights to achieve.