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Are you Breathing? Gaining Perspective During the Holidays! Let us Know if you like our personal voice! November 20, 2009

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After doing a lot of thinking, and a great meeting I had with Carla at CHANGE Magazine, I decided to include more of a personal voice to you.

As the holidays are approaching, and everyone is running around to get everything done perfectly, I wanted to give you some perspective. Breathe.
Usually every morning when I wake up, I hear a little bird that taps on my window in a repeated fashion.  Since, I am NOT a morning person, I usually slap the window and scare it away – in complete anger.  But today, I listened to all my alarms (as I hit snooze), and then saw the cute little bird on my windowsill, and thought – what a nice little way to wake up. Nature woke me up this morning. What could be cooler than that, living in a bustling city like Houston?

So in this idea of community, family, and nature – We should all remember to gain some perspective as we meet with loved ones and friends during Thanksgiving. Remember the strengths and goodness of each person.  Think about that one aspect or memory you have for them, and stay positive.  Family is in your life for a reason, and although we may not always get along with them, it is important to understand the value of family, and celebrate it!

Hope you enjoyed my first personal message. If you did enjoy it, please comment on this post, and I will include more tidbits in the future!
Happy Holidays!
Neha Gupta

Do people drive you crazy? Or do they inspire you? Joanne King? November 9, 2009

People – now this is def. where I get a lot of inspiration – the way people lead their lives, the way they care for one another, and often times, what they wear.  I look at people constantly and look at what they are wearing. Now you might be surprised, but on a daily basis, I dress very simply. I actually show most of my love for colors on my nails! People are a great way to get inspired, to hear their life stories, and thoughts, and ideas. I have a friend named Jacqueline Gartland-  Jacks to All Trades – who is full of culture, art, and love.  Whenever I hang out with her, I literally feel ten times better.  Surround yourself by people like this, and you can’t go wrong.


Mireya, Jacqui, and Joanne King

Anyways, these are just a few of the things that inspire me. I am always inspired by other people’s fashion ideas, moms views on children’s clothing, and much more. I just thought I’d share with you some of the basics of what can jumpstart, and inspire you to follow your passion in life, as I did with mine.


Share your thoughts to everyone! A beautiful Testimonial! November 6, 2009

Thoughts – I am constantly thinking. Not always about my list of things, or work, but about how I feel, what would be cute on a child, what doesn’t work on kids. I am inspired from within. My Spring 2010 collection was based on my thoughts, of what I thought was cute, what I thought would be a new addition to the market, and what I thought would be perfect in terms of design for us to go up to toddler. Thoughts and confidence go hand in hand – if you are confident about what you think  – you will go far.  Write it down.

Here is a thought that was e-mailed to me by one of our most valued moms – Elisa – she sent me an image of her little one in Italy this past summer in Sama Baby!


Little One in Tuscany, Italy wearing Sama Baby!


She is writing her thoughts down to inspire the world!


Looks like she inspired someone!


Toooo cute!

That one thought – brightened my day! Sama Baby is officially internationally around the world!

Share your thoughts with people!



Food – What Inspires You? November 5, 2009

Food inspires me. It inspires how I design. How I feel, think, act, and much more!


Food – as a home-made chef who loves to cook for anyone around them – I absolutely love food. I’d call myself a foodie, and in Houston I am known as  Houchie – Houston Chowhound.  Everytime I cook something – I am inspired by the fragrance, the colors, and the tastes. All my senses are heightened. I was recently at dinner with a friend of mine who only eats meat and bread. He watched in wonder while I combined my lettuce, with a little bit of rice, a nice little touch of salsa, and a slice of avocado.  Watching me eat, was almost artistic for him, and all he could say was “what an extensive taste pallete!” Experiment more with food – if you don’t like it, give it to someone else.



Cooking at an Early Age!



I Love Veggies!


Designing – What Inspires You? November 4, 2009



Designing: Inspiration – What Inspires You?


What inspires you? What makes you think in the morning when you get up? What are you thinking about when you are getting ready for work?


These are all thoughts. Do you have a thought journal? Do you have a place where you right down all your ideas?


So, if you want to know how I am inspired – food, colors, thoughts, people, air, plants, ideas, philosophical concepts, spirituality, teachings, and life inspire me.


Sounds like a lot.  But these are all the little things that go into a Sama Baby collection.


Leave a comment. I’d love to know what inspires you to wake up every morning too!



Sama Baby at Houston’s First Green Community Festival! November 3, 2009


Wrap Up about Houston’s First Green Scene Community Festival!

Sama Baby had a great fashion show and event coverage – by Yolanda Grene’s WB Channel 39 – Going Green show! It was on this past weekend!

What: Community Green Festival

Where: Last Organic Outpost, 711 North Emile Street, Houston, Texas

Why: This event will focus on Green Living and include educational activities for children of all ages, food, vendor booths, workshops, demonstrations, and entertainment.

Who: All things green in Houston: businesses, organizations and individuals will showcase their products, services and talents!

Baby Fashion Show featuring organic baby clothing presented by Sama Baby

How to build a Composting Bin demonstration by Brittani Flowers of NotTrash.Houston

How to make your own Natural, non-toxic cleaning products demonstration by Mona Metzger of Urban Green Clean

Electric Car Showcase by Houston Electric Cars

Silent Auction and Raffle featuring local, green products and services sponsored by Houston Green Scene

Environmental Art Workshop by Artist Charles Washington

Balloon animals for kids with bio-degradable balloons by The Bug Man

Featuring Garden Art by Recycle Artist Phil Waldrop

Recycled Structures proudly constructed by Green Construction Company, Bright Side Construction

Special performance by poet, performance artist and author of Haiku2u:101 select poems on love, trial, triumph and trust Jerome Vielman

Special Appearance by Recycled Home Builder Dan Phillips

Interactive garden games provided by United Wellness Center and Last Organic Outpost

Casserole Cook-off Contest made with local ingredients from the garden by local celebrity chefs and area restaurants

Remember to pick-up your Holiday Green Guide featuring farm fresh recipes from the Last Organic Outpost compliments of Houston Green Scene

Family activities and Kids Corner provided by Last Organic Outpost


Top Models in Sama Baby


Sama Baby supports Local Elementary School! November 2, 2009

We support local schools!
West U Elementary Bazaar:

I want to tell you about the beauty of talking to your neighbors, and how things can work out organically! One of my neighbors had mentioned that their son goes to West U Elementary.  I thought that was pretty interesting, and one day they needed a ride to go pick him up.  I offered, as I thought it would be nice to see the school – and helped him get his son! In the process, we ran into a set of parents that were also picking up their kids – and my neighbor was mentioning that I owned an organic baby line called Sama Baby.  The parents immediately responded and said, “I read about you on the front page of our community newspaper a few months ago – congratulations – that is so cool!”  I had no idea how much people actually remembered reading that article – as it was posted in December of 2008!  After that, my neighbor proceeded to put Sama Baby postcards at West U – at a little table in the front area.  After three days,  he went back just to see if people had picked any up, and there were only three left. How crazy is that?  If you know that your school has any little area for postcards, please let us know by commenting – and we would love to have you put postcards with a discount at your school.  Moms apparently love our postcards, and think they are so interesting – as it talks about who we are, why we do what we do, and what clothing we have to offer!