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A new addition… November 28, 2010

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Hi everyone, it’s me, Sama Baby CEO Shivani Gupta.  We have a new addition I wanted to tell everyone about – her name is Anya Rani Gupta, she’s my daughter, she was born this October, about 6 weeks ago!  It has been a CRAZY month and a half, adjusting to feeding, diapers, a totally new sleep schedule.  I was so focused on having a completely healthy, organic pregnancy, and I thought I was prepared for baby, but you can never be fully prepared, I’ve come to realize.  Anya is doing great, she is healthy, happy and beautiful.  Now that she’s on a more normal schedule, I’m ready to get back to work on Sama Baby, so you’ll see plenty of posts from me from here on out.  As well as fun new pictures of course, since I have a brand new Sama model who I happen to love to photograph.

Happy Holidays!


2 Responses to “A new addition…”

  1. Marguerite Says:

    She’s so beautiful!

  2. Melanie Says:

    Congratulations Shivani & Sama Baby Family! Little Anya is absolutely precious. Have a blessed holiday season!

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