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Giggle, Giggle, Giggle and Kelly Rutherford! August 21, 2009

Shivani and I visited the Giggle store in NYC – and ran into KELLY RUTHERFORD from Gossip Girl!

As we were walking in, she was walking out -and of course I just froze and stood there.. it was quite hilarious.

Here is a picture of Shivani under the Giggle sign…. one of her favorite stores to purchase baby items – great service, great choices.. we are hoping to get picked up by this store! If you have one near you, ask them about Sama Baby – tell them to write it down and tell the manager! It would be great to see what a grassroots effect would do!  They are def. interested in carrying us – as they have talked with us over the past year – and love our mission, story, and line!


and if you look closely in this picture – the woman in all black, and black leggings is Kelly Rutherford – she looks amazing in person! She loves to shop at Giggle- as you can see by the big shopping bag she is carrying!


I can’t believe I have literally run into the entire team at Gossip Girl in NYC – they are all so beautiful in person!

Anyways – just thought I would share you that fun tid bit!


The Real Down and Dirty April 3, 2009

So, as I was chatting with my brother-in-law at 12:30 AM – I asked him, (as a new father).. how is it being a dad?

Of course he’s like.. well this child is def. part of our family… major GI issues..

Here is part of this conversation:
yes.. poooopies.
i think you should blog her poops.
forget all these pictures you know.
lets call it “the real down and dirty”

haha…blog might explode

I know

you could do a poopie book on her

Needless to say, clearly her blog on Radha is not regarding Poop:

She is a professional photographer -and takes unbelievable photos of her children – our WHOLE family is ALL about babies!

So, in search of poop blogs – because I KNOW I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE that is thinking about this – I looked it up! After seeing one or two that almost made me vomit… I found something comical:

And of course – since this is an organic green focused blog:

The Poop Holder!

The Poop Holder!

So, I guess really – you can actually find some interesting things online – that you thought no one would have the audacity to post. But they do. Don’t look it up if you actually want to keep an appetite.