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Family Groove: MOM ON THE STREET, Shivani Gupta! September 1, 2010


Our very own Shivani Gupta, Sama CEO, was featured on The Family Groove’s Mom On The Street series! Here is what she and a few other moms had to say!

Welcome to “Mom on the Street” (ya know, like “Man on the Street”) by Family Groove. Each month, we’ll be asking moms just like you for a slice of their sage advice, insider tips or tried-and-true wisdom in the hopes that their unique brand of mothering inspires, assuages, calms, strengthens and even amuses you.

This month’s question:

What are you looking forward to this fall?

Blakeley Smart  and Family Blakeley Smart is the founder of Bronzed Envy (, a mobile airbrush tanning franchise. Here’s what this Round Rock, Texas, mother of two has to say:

“Fall is such a great time of the year for my family. School starts again, [there are] new teachers, kids have a schedule, and Mom gets some much-needed work done. My youngest will be starting kindergarten this year, so I’m really looking forward to the excitement that comes with that, but it’s topped with a bit of sadness knowing my last little chickadee is leaving the nest. So for me, this fall brings about a new chapter of my life. After a hot, chaotic yet fun summer, come fall, it’s an exciting time for me as well to set new goals with my business and take it to an all-new level!”

Laurie Penix  and family Laurie Penix is the creator and co-founder of Zomm (, a keychain-sized wireless leash with call notification and personal safety features for Bluetooth-enabled phones.

Here is what this Tulsa, Okla., mother of three has to say:

“Most people are surprised to hear that I love the outdoors. The warmer months are great, for obvious reasons, but I also love watching the seasons change to the fall. I spend a lot of time at the lake enjoying the sun, fishing and relaxing. The best part has to be the fall sunsets; they are so beautiful.”

Shivani Gupta Shivani Gupta is the co-owner of Sama Baby (, makers of luxury organic cotton clothing for babies and toddlers. Here’s what this Houston, Texas, mom-to-be has to say:

“I am looking forward to creating a wonderful eco-nursery for the newest addition to my family. For us, we have learned that airing out products when you get them is very important—in order to make sure all the chemicals are released and not trapped in the nursery, which could be harmful for your baby. For us, we really believe that going green is an easy choice, and there are so many products out there. We have looked at many other products, from organic mattresses to wonderful wooden toys, and are able to find them at great prices, and in wonderful designs. We are even looking into no-VOC paint as well as recycled wood for the crib—as we think about the environment in every aspect. Going green is so easy in today’s age—and there are so many great ideas and sites on how to be a better environmentalist while thinking about your child! At Sama Baby, we have been very excited in creating organic cotton clothing for little ones—and this fall we are featuring our latest product: our organic cotton denim line, which is super stylish, comfortable and affordable. For us, fall is a great season to stay warm, happy and enjoy the beautiful colored leaves. We love the new season and what it brings for everyone.”


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Going the Extra Mile- Green Companies July 8, 2010

I found this on, and being a company who produces in India, Is founded by strong Indian woman, and strives to benefit India, I had to share it with you.

organic india

Through their use of sustainable business practices, companies involved in the production of  organic products do much to promote and protect human and environmental health. In many cases, their good work does  not stop there. Some are actively involved in the preservation of the rain forest; others strive to ensure pregnant women’s access to essential pre-natal care. Still others work to keep endangered animals from going extinct.

There is nothing easy about being a female farmer in India. Most are uneducated and uninsured, and they are compensated, on average, 30-40 percent less than their male counterparts.  Tulsi tea manufacturer Organic India is working to change this. The company employs widows to harvest the tulsi, remove its blossoms, and process it in its factories. Moreover, it pays them premium wages that are on par with those earned by their male counterparts.

At Sama Baby Organics we are doing our part to promote change in India as well. Our 100% certified organic cotton comes from India and is made to benefit India. Our products are fair trade and our farmers use organic vegetables as their rotation crop. This rotation replenishes the soil, feeds the workers, and benefits the environment. Our CEO and VP Shivani and Neha Gupta stay true to their heritage by incorporating India influences into our line and visiting India and our cotton fields 2 to 3 times per year. Find your balance.

I have highlighted a company we admire here at SAMA, to learn more about organic companies committed to going the extra mile for people and the planet.  Click on the source of our blog:  (Source

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“Fun to be One” bag gifted to Colby Lynch! July 2, 2010

Everything Is Fine is an understatement for Josh Turner! The country crooner and his wife Jennifer became parents for the second time when they welcomed a baby boy — Colby Lynch Turner — on Friday, June 26th 2009. The same night his wife went into labor, Turner completed work on his fourth album for MCA Nashville. “After I got home, Jennifer went into labor, and we were at the hospital by 10:30 that night. Now that’s what I call perfect timing.” Josh and Jennifer Turner were married in 2003.

We received a very nice thank you for the “Fun to be One” bag gifted to Colby Lynch on cardstore stationery through Jewels and Pinstripes!

Thank you for the birthday celebration bag of goodies for Colby’s 1st Birthday. It is such a special time for us and we appreciate you sharing in our joy. We will certainly use and enjoy the amazing products from organic clothing to toddler friendly water to personalized cards.
Thank you so much,

Josh & Jennifer Turner, & Colby Lynch

It was our pleasure to be a part of sending a special 1st birthday gift to such an adorable young man!

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Sama Baby Organics is an EcoBold Finalist! June 30, 2010

Sama Baby is a finalist in the EcoBold search for the best green products!

Steffany is just someone trying to make a difference in this beautiful world of ours! She was born and raised in a small ranch in Brazil and since then her mom taught her sisters and her to compost, recycle, and eat healthy. Sound like a great mom to me 🙂
They had a few fruit trees, chickens, horses, a couple of cows, dogs, 2 cats and even a goat at some point! You get the idea, it was a zoo! They even had “pick up trash” days where they would go to the little forest and pick up what others had left behind.
It was great, they would  play in the mud, eat fresh eggs, fresh milk, run after chickens and they never, ever got sick.
Today Steffany says she is very blessed to be living in Silicon Valley, she is a HUGE fan of showing people green alternatives to conventional products. Steffany says, “”Besides our environment being destroyed by humans, so many people are getting cancer and it’s even common for kids to be born with asthma nowadays. I just know it’s due to the chemicals that are all over products and food that we buy. But guess what? There are many, MANY alternatives out there! Great minded, hard-working, creative, green entrepreneurs are creating products that have a very small carbon footprint and most of them are much healthier for you”.      (source, about section)
To learn more about EcoBold visit their website @
Check out Sama Baby’s  finalist badge 🙂
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Toxic America-If you care about public and environmental health, it’s must-see TV. June 2, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday, June 2nd and 3rd, at 8pm EST, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta will be airing an eye-opening investigative story: Toxic America. If you care about public and environmental health, it’s must-see TV.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta hosts the two-part program, revealing devastating results from a year-long investigation.

Wednesday night highlights “Toxic Towns” and will delve into the environmental health and justice problems plaguing the community of Mossville, Louisiana. Mossville is not an isolated example, but instead a poster child for a broken chemical safety system.

Thursday night highlights the “Toxic Childhood” and features Healthy Child founders, Jim and Nancy Chuda; Scientific Advisor, Dr. Phil Landrigan; and our “A Wake-Up Story” video. This second part of the series reveals the effect toxics have on unborn babies.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Have your friends over to watch the show on June 2nd and/or 3rd or record the series to share with others in the future.
2. Tell other to watch by using these suggested status updates:
3. Facebook: Will be watching America’s toxic little secrets revealed by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta on June 2 & 3 at 8pmEST/5pmPST. If you care about public and environmental health, it’s MUST SEE TV!
4. Twitter: MUST SEE TV: CNN special on Toxic America – June 2-3 at 8pmEST/5pmPST – Watch and learn! Plz RT
5. Take Action to help prevent these tragedies by emailing your members of Congress and asking them to support a strong Safe Chemicals Act.
6. Get your friends to stay involved and informed by having them sign-up for the Healthy Child newsletter.
Please join us in tuning in!

Healthy Child Healthy World is a nonprofit organization recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3)

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The New York Times: New Alarm Bells About Chemicals and Cancer May 11, 2010

The Sama Team came across this article and it’s a must read, PLEASE READ THIS!


The President’s Cancer Panel is the Mount Everest of the medical mainstream, so it is astonishing to learn that it is poised to join ranks with the organic food movement and declare: chemicals threaten our bodies.

The cancer panel is releasing a landmark 200-page report on Thursday, warning that our lackadaisical approach to regulation may have far-reaching consequences for our health.

I’ve read an advance copy of the report, and it’s an extraordinary document. It calls on America to rethink the way we confront cancer, including much more rigorous regulation of chemicals.

Traditionally, we reduce cancer risks through regular doctor visits, self-examinations and screenings such as mammograms. The President’s Cancer Panel suggests other eye-opening steps as well, such as giving preference to organic food, checking radon levels in the home and microwaving food in glass containers rather than plastic.

In particular, the report warns about exposures to chemicals during pregnancy, when risk of damage seems to be greatest. Noting that 300 contaminants have been detected in umbilical cord blood of newborn babies, the study warns that: “to a disturbing extent, babies are born ‘pre-polluted.’ ”

It’s striking that this report emerges not from the fringe but from the mission control of mainstream scientific and medical thinking, the President’s Cancer Panel. Established in 1971, this is a group of three distinguished experts who review America’s cancer program and report directly to the president.

Some 41 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, and they include Democrats and Republicans alike. Protecting ourselves and our children from toxins should be an effort that both parties can get behind — if enough members of Congress are willing to put the public interest ahead of corporate interests.

One reason for concern is that some cancers are becoming more common, particularly in children. We don’t know why that is, but the proliferation of chemicals in water, foods, air and household products is widely suspected as a factor. I’m hoping the President’s Cancer Panel report will shine a stronger spotlight on environmental causes of health problems — not only cancer, but perhaps also diabetes, obesity and autism.

To help people manage the uncertainty prudently, the report has a section of recommendations for individuals:

¶Particularly when pregnant and when children are small, choose foods, toys and garden products with fewer endocrine disruptors or other toxins. (Information about products is at or

¶For those whose jobs may expose them to chemicals, remove shoes when entering the house and wash work clothes separately from the rest of the laundry.

¶Filter drinking water.

¶Store water in glass or stainless steel containers, or in plastics that don’t contain BPA or phthalates (chemicals used to soften plastics). Microwave food in ceramic or glass containers.

¶Give preference to food grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers and growth hormones. Avoid meats that are cooked well-done.

¶Check radon levels in your home. Radon is a natural source of radiation linked to cancer.

To read the entire article click here New York Times

Always Expand Your Mind, and Seek Out Knowledge!

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Babies – Why Are They Vulnerable? April 30, 2010

I want to share with you this amazing article I found on It is great to see a single dad’s point of view on babies and the environment, especially one that shares the Sama viewpoint 🙂



As a single dad I make it one of my greatest priorities to be well-informed about what is best for my son and take his upbringing very seriously. I may not be able to be there for him during the day, but I can at least help his minder to bring him up in the best environment.

You do not have to be a scientist or a well-informed individual to believe that the early years of a baby are crucial to their development. Babies are fragile little human beings and the world they are exposed to profoundly affect them as they grow.

How do chemicals from the outside world enter our bodies and why are babies more exposed and vulnerable?

  • Via the Mouth (Food & Water) – Per measure of body weight, babies and infants eat up to 4 times more food than adults do. Consequently, they are ingesting up to 4 times more toxins and chemicals than adults for every measure of weight. WOW!
  • Air – In our first few years, the air we breathe in is double the amount of air (per measure of weight) that we will breathe in as adults. Babies and young children are therefore far more exposed to chemicals and toxins in the air.
  • Skin – Babies skin is more permeable than adult skin allowing chemicals to penetrate much easily.

In addition to the physiological factors that increase the susceptibility of toxins to a  baby,  behavioural patterns and early development  also increase their exposure.

  • Hand to mouth – Babies spend a great deal of their time by placing things in their mouths. They are not picky either and as long as it can go inside their mouths, they will put it there. Not surprisingly, this behaviour will result in a greater exposure to chemicals and toxins.
  • Ground play – Babies and children spend much of their time on the ground. There are many toxins and chemicals they can come into contact with while they are on the ground both in and outside the house.
  • Physiologically undeveloped – Baby’s and young children’s bodily systems are generally underdeveloped compared to those of adults and as a result their ability to process toxins and chemicals may be weak.
  • Rapid development and growth – Growth and development occurs most in the first few years of life and as a result, any toxins which interfere with systems which are still being established in the human body can greatly impede development and destroy cells such as those of the brain and nervous system.

Please take all this in, and remember babies are far more vulnerable than our adult selves and they need our protection from the world we have created.

Also, leave comments and share ways YOU protect your baby from the environment!

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