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SALE – SALE – SALE! Shop SAMA Now!! December 13, 2010

Hi Sama Mamas and Sama Lovers!  Have you heard? To celebrate our newest addition to the Sama family, Anya Rani Gupta, we’re extending our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale through XMAS!!!

It is great to see so many of you ordering online and taking advantage of our Huge Holiday Sale. It makes us all warm and fuzzy inside!

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Instead of having the pressure of buying all your holiday gifts right now, take your time, sip your hot chocolate, kick back, and order when you’re ready.

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Love, The Sama Baby Team

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Organic Toys go perfect with Sama Clothing for gifting this year! December 2, 2010

Sama Clothing +Organic Baby Toys

= Healthy Happy Kids!

Parents who prefer organic food and organic clothes for their children take the next step when purchasing organic toys for their baby and child.   Organic toys, made primarily from organic cotton grown organically and natural wood processed without chemicals, provide both quality and safety in toys. Organic toys also make wonderful gifts for children and babies with allergies since the fabrics are pure and without harmful dyes. Organic toys give you peace of mind.

With the holidays just around the corner, we know SAMA is at the top of your list!  The best addition to our organic baby clothing is organic toys under the tree! check out some of these:

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Last minute organic costume ideas that will keep your little one warm all winter. October 28, 2010

Halloween is right around the corner. Here are some  last-minute organic costume ideas that will keep your little one warm all winter. Happy  haunting!

// toto knits photo

Organic cotton lion sweater. Photo: Toto Knits.

To dress your wild child–or to put together a last-minute Halloween costume with long-term wearabilty–Toto Knits offers adorable organic handmade knitwear, made entirely in Africa. For cute and cuddly organic cotton slippers, sweaters, hats, and scarves to clothe your WeeHugger, look below.

chickie sweater photo
Photo: Toto Knits.

Encouraging trade, not aid, co-founders Erin Brennan Allan and Mary Wambui source their organic cotton from Uganda, where it is grown and spun then brought to Nairobi, where it is twisted, dyed, and Wambui trains and manages a group of up to 200 knitters.

“I provide a clean and comfortable working environment for my knitters–in most cases bringing the work to them,” said Allan, when asked in e-mail correspondence about the enforcement of fair trade standards. She continued, “They can work as much or as little as they like or are able to; are paid by the piece giving them flexibility to put their families first; and their wages are above the government minimum wages and reflect the cost of living in Nairobi for skilled workers.”

fish booties photo
Photo: Toto Knits.

Photo: Toto Knits.

Prices range from $10 for organic cotton booties to $35 for an organic cotton sweater at Toto Knit Shop. (Source

Pair these adorable sweaters with organic SAMA Baby pants and skirts and wear them all winter long.

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Go Organic This Halloween!! October 6, 2010

Ah, the spirit of Halloween is in the air. Help your kids become their favorite super hero, movie star, historical figure, or even their favorite inanimate object! Encourage them to get creative and go over the top but remember to use what you can find around the house, at thrift stores, or buy organic costumes! Seek out the weird, the ewey gooey and the spooky stuff and mix it all together to make this Halloween one the kids will never forget, just do it organic style. 🙂

Today, kid of all ages can have any costume imaginable at the drop of a 20. There is not  anything remotely eco-friendly about typical store-bought costumes. They are made from all manner of earth-unfriendly materials, staring with man-made, petroleum-based fabrics and chemical dyes. And how many times have you bought a new costume that was worn once and then lost in the attic/basement/closet abyss?

Give new meaning to green goblin this Halloween, reduce, reuse, and recycle!

The Center for the New American Dream, a Maryland-based nonprofit that encourages responsible consumerism, compiled this list of conservation-minded costumes:

• The fried egg: Get a cheap white sheet and cut a hole big enough to fit your head through. Paint your face yellow.

• Freudian slip: Wear an old slip over your clothes, get a big cigar, and make a nametag that reads “Sigmund.”

• Bag of jelly beans: Get an empty dry cleaning bag, cut holes for your arms and legs, then step into the bag so it is loose around your middle. Fill with different colored balloons, then knot the bag to secure it around your neck.

There are also some more cheap and creative costume ideas at the National Geographic Kids Web site. (the green guide )

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H&M – Organic Cotton News for Moms! October 1, 2010

Hello Ladies! So, you may have heard European retailer H&M has made a push into the organic cotton world. Of course, it’s always great to hear organic cotton being used instead of that icky chemical filled stuff! Here are some details:

H&M has confirmed that by 2020, it will source only ‘sustainable’ cotton, most of it as part of the company’s involvement in the Better Cotton Initiative, writes Tone Skårdal Tobiasson in Copenhagen.

Addressing more than 150 delegates at the recent NICE (Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical) Fashion’s fall conference in Copenhagen, Catarina Midby, Head of Fashion Communications, H&M, updated delegates on the company’s development of its ‘restricted chemicals list’ and its five-year organic cotton-plan which she confirmed was ahead of schedule; with an original pledge to source 15,000 tons of organic cotton by 2013, the company hit the 8,500 tons mark by the end of  2009.

Organic cotton production does not simply mean replacing synthetic fertilizers and pesticides with organic ones. Organic cultivation methods are based more on knowledge of agronomic processes than input-based conventional production is. This process takes time because farms need to complete a two-year conversion period to change their production system from conventional to organic. An essential element of organic production is the careful selection of varieties adapted to local conditions in terms of climate, soil and robustness to pests and diseases.

Welcome to the fabulous world of organic cotton H&M! 🙂

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Sama on September 27, 2010

Last chance to scoop up a great deal on SAMA, by shopping on Zulity.  I know many of you may have heard of the site and wondered what they offer. Well, let me fill you in. They feature daily deals and discounts on fashionable baby clothing and for only a limited time frame. This is your last chance to get that amazing deal on Sama.

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Every day is different, so if you’re looking for something specific, check back often. Anything and everything for moms, babies, and kids will show up on zulily!  You will find some of our Sama products and you will be introduced to other brands you might fancy.

Sama Baby

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Champion Race Car Driver Sam Hornish Jr. and Family are Sama Fans! September 13, 2010

Addison Hornish Sam Hornish Jr.,  driver of the #77 Mobil 1 Dodge, stands on the grid with his wife  Crystal and daugher Addison prior to the start of the NASCAR Sprint Cup  Series Crown Royal Presents the Heath Calhoun 400 at Richmond  International Raceway on May 1, 2010, 2010 in Richmond, Virginia.

Hornish, who remains one of the most decorated drivers in IndyCar Series history, is also a loving dad to his daughter Addison. Known for his late race passes, Hornish has been involved in four of the top-10 closest finishes in IndyCar Series history, as he won three of them.

Although Hornish is a world-class racer, he has not forgotten his roots and is actively involved in community efforts across the country. In his hometown of Defiance, Ohio, Hornish was involved in the creation of a senior center for local residents as well as the addition of a heart center at Defiance Medical Center.

Hornish also turned his love of bowling into a successful charity campaign over the past five years during the fall race weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. In conjunction with Speedway Children’s Charities, Hornish has raised over $500,000 to benefit the children of north Texas.  The Sama team loves that about him 🙂

We wanted to share the thank you letter we received from Sam Hornish Jr. and family through Jewels and Pinstripes, on the personalized “Addison Faith” cardstore stationery that was included in the bag.

We can’t thank you enough for all the fun stuff you sent for Addison’s 2nd Birthday!  We truly appreciate your kindness & thoughtfulness.  Addie loves her backpack & she looks adorable with new barrettes 🙂

Thanks Again,
Sam, Crystal & Addison

Thanks for the kind words Hornish family!!

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