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Organic Eggs: Worth the Cost? July 14, 2010

As an office of vegetarians, we need to know the truth about our eggs! A recent Time magazine article got it wrong when it proclaimed organic eggs are no healthier than factory-farmed eggs, and here’s why. (source

Don’t be mislead: There are good reasons to choose organic eggs.

Organic eggs are no healthier than factory-farmed eggs and are thus not worth the extra costs, concludes an article recently run in Time magazine. But the article’s author is missing some major benefits of organic eggs—such as the fact that they’re higher in omega-3 fatty acids, are free of antibiotic residues, and contain no arsenic, which is added to factory-farmed chicken-feed to prevent infections and spur growth.

The article was based on a new U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) study finding that different production methods—factory-farmed, cage-free, and free-roaming—all met the same quality standards.

Yet, the author’s conclusions that organic eggs are no healthier than conventional, and that the way they’re raised is dangerous and not worth the added cost, run far afield of the research, misinterpreting the study’s primary finding.

#1: The test used in the USDA study is a measure of egg quality, not nutrition. The study used something called the Haugh unit, a scale between 0 to 110 that basically lets producers know whether or not the egg is stale (the lower the number, the lower the quality).  The Time article made the assumption that Haugh unit is somehow indicative of nutritional value, when in fact, the USDA’s definition of Haugh unit mentions nothing about an egg’s nutritional content.

#2: “Free-roaming” and “cage-free” aren’t the same as “organic.” The USDA study didn’t specify organic as one of the production methods they studied, but the author continually refers to “organic” eggs as though the authors had. Unlike “USDA Organic,” “free-range” and “cage-free” are unsubstantiated claims that aren’t verified by independent third parties—any producer can slap those labels on a carton of eggs without any evidence that his or her chickens roam free or live outside cages.

#3: Shell color doesn’t matter. On this one point, the author is right. “Another mistake some health-conscious consumers make…is believing that the color of an egg makes a difference and that brown shells are somehow better than white ones. They’re not. Color is determined entirely by the breed of chicken laying it,” he writes. And that’s true. But store-bought eggs generally come from one type of chicken, while organically raised eggs you might find at a farmer’s market come from different heritage breeds.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Look for the USDA Organic seal, and find a local farmer who can attest to healthy living conditions for his poultry.

These are just some of the mail points found in the article TO read the entire article CLICK HERE

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Whole Foods Chelsea features Sama Baby! August 26, 2009

We were very excited to stop by Whole Foods Chelsea to see our items hanging beautifully and displayed nicely!

Whole Foods Chelsea is on 27th St and 7th Avenue in the Heart of Chelsea! It is also right next to where both CEO and VP of Sama Baby took classes – the Fashion Institute of Technology!

Whole Foods is such a great store – as the Whole Body of this store is separate than the Whole Foods itself in this area – this store has so many beautiful items, and great choices for every mom that wants to go organic!



Did someone say Cookie? August 20, 2009

We absolutely love Cookie Magazine – the photography is designed beautifully, and people love the fact that it is so fashion forward, and has great celebrities on it.

We were invited to visit the Cookie Magazine headquarters in NYC and meet with their fashion team – as they loved Sama Baby and our affordable new denim line. Cookie loved how beautiful our items are – and were happy to meet the two sisters that made this company out of their own home!

We loved their offices – beautifully designed lobby and happy employees! Cookie magazine is a great resource as well!




Pesticides in Produce December 26, 2008

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Environmental Working Group published an article discussing pesticides in produce and gave the top 12 dirtiest produce, ones that we should buy organic because they have the highest amounts of pesticides used on them. These 12 are Peaches, Apples, Sweet Bell Peppers, Celery, Nectarines, Strawberries, Cherries, Lettuce, Imported Grapes, Pears, Spinach, and Potatoes. They give more information regarding differing produce on their website This is a great reminder of the amounts of pesticides in our daily lives, especially our foods. This list is helpful because I know that sometimes it is hard to buy all things organic and this helps us give priority to those which are heavier on the pesticides and although none is best, as I have said before…baby steps!!!