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A new addition… November 28, 2010

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Hi everyone, it’s me, Sama Baby CEO Shivani Gupta.  We have a new addition I wanted to tell everyone about – her name is Anya Rani Gupta, she’s my daughter, she was born this October, about 6 weeks ago!  It has been a CRAZY month and a half, adjusting to feeding, diapers, a totally new sleep schedule.  I was so focused on having a completely healthy, organic pregnancy, and I thought I was prepared for baby, but you can never be fully prepared, I’ve come to realize.  Anya is doing great, she is healthy, happy and beautiful.  Now that she’s on a more normal schedule, I’m ready to get back to work on Sama Baby, so you’ll see plenty of posts from me from here on out.  As well as fun new pictures of course, since I have a brand new Sama model who I happen to love to photograph.

Happy Holidays!


Black Friday, Cyber Monday, whatever! November 27, 2010

Hi Sama Mamas and Sama Lovers!  We are giving you a special treat this Holiday Season!!! To celebrate our newest addition to the Sama family, Anya Rani Gupta, we’re extending our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale from now through XMAS!!!

Instead of having the pressure of buying all your holiday gifts right now, take your time, sip your hot chocolate, kick back, and order when you’re ready.

SAMA HOLIDAY SALE:  50% off all retail orders from 11/26/10 – 12/25/10. Yep, you heard right 50% off!  Not valid with any other offers.

Use code:  Holiday2010

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Love, The Sama Baby Team

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Expand your brain and learn the Hindi alphabet! November 17, 2010

Hello Sama Family! Check out this video to teach children how to speak and read the Hindi Alphabet!  It has animations/pictures and sounds for each letter and is pretty funny and entertaining.

There is a short clip of it on youtube and you can buy the full video at: The full video is about 23 minutes long, and once downloaded can be played on any TV, computer, laptop and most mobile devices like an iphone, droid, ipad, ipod and more!

This company also sells Hindi and Gujarati Flash cards for children as well! Please help spread the word! This is a great tool to help children learn Hindi and Gujarati!

To shop for Sama Baby check out

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Last minute organic costume ideas that will keep your little one warm all winter. October 28, 2010

Halloween is right around the corner. Here are some  last-minute organic costume ideas that will keep your little one warm all winter. Happy  haunting!

// toto knits photo

Organic cotton lion sweater. Photo: Toto Knits.

To dress your wild child–or to put together a last-minute Halloween costume with long-term wearabilty–Toto Knits offers adorable organic handmade knitwear, made entirely in Africa. For cute and cuddly organic cotton slippers, sweaters, hats, and scarves to clothe your WeeHugger, look below.

chickie sweater photo
Photo: Toto Knits.

Encouraging trade, not aid, co-founders Erin Brennan Allan and Mary Wambui source their organic cotton from Uganda, where it is grown and spun then brought to Nairobi, where it is twisted, dyed, and Wambui trains and manages a group of up to 200 knitters.

“I provide a clean and comfortable working environment for my knitters–in most cases bringing the work to them,” said Allan, when asked in e-mail correspondence about the enforcement of fair trade standards. She continued, “They can work as much or as little as they like or are able to; are paid by the piece giving them flexibility to put their families first; and their wages are above the government minimum wages and reflect the cost of living in Nairobi for skilled workers.”

fish booties photo
Photo: Toto Knits.

Photo: Toto Knits.

Prices range from $10 for organic cotton booties to $35 for an organic cotton sweater at Toto Knit Shop. (Source

Pair these adorable sweaters with organic SAMA Baby pants and skirts and wear them all winter long.

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November is National Literacy Month- Remember to share books with your little ones! October 22, 2010

Throughout 2010 Sama has been blessed with many supporters! We are grateful that our brand has been accepted and appreciated by mom’s of all walks of life! From local supporters, to friends, to celebrities and national fans, we appreciate the kind words and general shift to a more organic lifestyle.

We would like to remind all mom’s out there that November is National Family Literacy Month. Family literacy month is a time to recognize the important role that family support plays in the success of reading and literacy. Children who are read to and learn to read at an early age are more likely to be better learners and succeed in other areas of their education. So, calling all moms, calling all moms~dress your children in their favorite Sama outfits and have a reading party all month long!





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Harlow Madden’s Snazzy Sneakers October 15, 2010


Harlow Madden sure looks pretty in pink!

While out for family pizza night with dad Joel Madden, mom Nicole Richie and little brother Sparrow, the adorable 2-year-old stepped out in an adorable girlie-meets-punk ensemble (tiered print dress, graffiti-style sneakers and flower headband). But it was her colorful footwear that really caught our eye.

Turns out the curly-haired cutie was sporting Twinkle Toes Dualing Hearts ($37) shoes from SKECHERS KIDS. Bright and glittery, they feature a hip graphic design and light up! (

These snazzy sneakers would look adorable paired with our Sama Rockstar Dresses! The colors in the shoe go perfectly with the our raspberry rose print. Keep it rockin’ Harlow! Check out for more color options!

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Why Choose Organic Baby Products? October 8, 2010

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Most people might wonder what is the BIG difference between organic and ordinary clothing. Well, the difference is quite simple, yet it has a big impact. Simply put organic baby clothes are 100% safe while ordinary clothing can harm your child. Ordinary clothes contain harmful chemicals, toxins and pesticides which are present both in natural and synthetic products. These chemicals can cause skin allergies and diseases. Organic baby clothing is made from eco-friendly and bio degradable materials which mean that it is totally natural and safe.

Organic products do not use chemicals in any stage of development or manufacture so all the products are toxin free. Unlike normal products like cotton which have pesticides and fertilizers sprayed on them during cultivation, green baby products are completely natural without the presence of any chemicals. This type of cultivation is good both for the babies and for the environment as it reduces pollution. Safe growing methods will obviously yield safe products which are a pure product of nature.

Organic baby products will give your child chemical free environment by keeping your child away from harmful chemicals. A healthy environment is essential for the healthy development of future generations. So go green to protect the present and the future!

At Sama Baby offers the purest, softest organic cotton children’s clothes to families around the world. For more details on natural baby products and organic baby products please visit our website

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