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Go Organic This Halloween!! October 6, 2010

Ah, the spirit of Halloween is in the air. Help your kids become their favorite super hero, movie star, historical figure, or even their favorite inanimate object! Encourage them to get creative and go over the top but remember to use what you can find around the house, at thrift stores, or buy organic costumes! Seek out the weird, the ewey gooey and the spooky stuff and mix it all together to make this Halloween one the kids will never forget, just do it organic style. 🙂

Today, kid of all ages can have any costume imaginable at the drop of a 20. There is not  anything remotely eco-friendly about typical store-bought costumes. They are made from all manner of earth-unfriendly materials, staring with man-made, petroleum-based fabrics and chemical dyes. And how many times have you bought a new costume that was worn once and then lost in the attic/basement/closet abyss?

Give new meaning to green goblin this Halloween, reduce, reuse, and recycle!

The Center for the New American Dream, a Maryland-based nonprofit that encourages responsible consumerism, compiled this list of conservation-minded costumes:

• The fried egg: Get a cheap white sheet and cut a hole big enough to fit your head through. Paint your face yellow.

• Freudian slip: Wear an old slip over your clothes, get a big cigar, and make a nametag that reads “Sigmund.”

• Bag of jelly beans: Get an empty dry cleaning bag, cut holes for your arms and legs, then step into the bag so it is loose around your middle. Fill with different colored balloons, then knot the bag to secure it around your neck.

There are also some more cheap and creative costume ideas at the National Geographic Kids Web site. (the green guide )

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