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Reuse Your Denim– Get Crafty September 22, 2010

Denim rug photo
Quilted denim scraps from old blue jeans make a beautiful area rug.

With fall in the air, its time to  check out your little ones closet and asses. Most likely you won’t get away with reusing  jeans from the previous season. But we know you may have so many fond memories of little Johnny in his favorite pair, you can’t imagine throwing them out!

It’s hard to part with a beloved pair of jeans, but when they become too worn, too small, or too stained, it’s time to let go. Well, at least out of the closet, that is. Don’t toss them out for good!  Here are some creative ways to spice up your favorite pair and let their memory live on. (

1. Area rug
Use several scraps of denim to create this beautiful quilted patchwork rug.

2. Coasters
Even the seams of your jeans can be reused. Make these great coasters by rolling the seams and gluing with fabric paint. Quick, easy, and really cute!

3. Memory Box
Cover a box with denim fabric to make this sturdy memory box. It’s the perfect place to store photographs, ticket stubs, and letters from friends. Tuck the pocket inside to hold smaller items.

4. Oven Mitt
Lined with mylar batting, this mitt is will protect your hand from the heat.

5. Lap Desk
Use a lid from an old storage tote and the fabric from your old jeans to make this handy lap desk. This would be a perfect gift for kids or teens.

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One Response to “Reuse Your Denim– Get Crafty”

  1. DenimBaby Says:

    This is a very nice idea. Now I know what to do with those outgrown denims!

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