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2nd Thank you from Nancy O’Dell! September 10, 2010

A few weeks ago we got a thank you not from Ashby for the gifts she received through Jewels and Pinstripes. Well, we just received a 2nd thank you from Nancy herself 🙂 They must be extra excited about their great gifts, including SAMA! Read below for a copy of Nancy’s note!

Thank you so much for the AMAZING 3rd bday bag you sent Ashby. Everything in it is GREAT! Ashby has been walking around trying on and playing with everything!!

Much appreciated!

Sincerely, Nancy

Don’t forget to check out Nancy’s new book, “Full of Life”. When Nancy was pregnant with her baby girl, Ashby, she found herself saying often, “Why didn’t ya’ll friggin tell me that was gonna happen!” Nancy took notes during her pregnancy (the reporter in her never rests), so she would have memories of all the crazy, unexpected, scary, sometimes embarrassing things that happen during pregnancy. Now, she’s passing them on to expecting mothers and fathers so they won’t have to be as surprised as she was!

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