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Sama As Featured On, Greener Nests. Healthier Childhoods. August 12, 2010

I Gave at the Office

by Claire Douglass

Group gift giving can be tricky, as Mrs. Always Wears Pearls from PR, and Ms. Nose Ring and Impossibly Black Hair from Tech, can never agree on what to give Mrs. Preggos.

SAMA baby has the perfect solution. A gorgeous basket of everything that any new green mama will need that is sweet enough for Pearls, and Earth Mother enough for the angry girl from Tech.

To wit – the Deluxe basket includes:

All organic:
2 Towels
2 Blankets
Washcloth Set of 3
Knotted Hat
Gown  (Depends on the size chosen – we will ensure 3 perfect outfits for every order!)
SS Onesie

for the low, low price of $264.

Available in green, blue and pink.

For a team of 20 people that’s less than $15 each.

Surely she’s worth that.

Shop for your very own Sama Products @

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