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1st Birthday Bag Thank you from Kelly Rutherford!! August 10, 2010

Kelly Rutherford And Daughter Have A Super Saturday

Kelly Rutherford is now a mom-of-two but Rutherford spent years moving from town to town across the country, under the guardianship of her fashion-model mother, Ann Edwards, until she reached her teenage years. At that point, Rutherford, Edwards, and the family’s oldest child, Anthony, settled in Newport Beach, CA. Rutherford made a beeline for New York City after graduating from high school in the late ’80s, where she planned to enroll in a formal drama program; instead, she signed to do several commercials and appeared on the daytime soapers Loving (opposite Luke_Perry) and Generations. Returning to the West Coast, Rutherford subsequently trained at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

NOw the 40-year-old Gossip Girl star welcomed her second child, daughter Helena Grace Rutherford Giersch, in Los Angeles last year. Helena joins big brother Hermés Gustaf Daniel, 2 ½. Last year Kelly revealed that big brother Hermes, 2, was looking forward to his sister’s arrival, saying, “He’s getting excited about it. We talk about it. I don’t know if the reality is there yet but he’s really sweet. He calls her by her name. I think he’s going to be an amazing big brother.”

We recently received a thank you for our participation in gifting Helena a !st birthday bag! Read a copy of the note below:

Thank you for spoiling us! Helena looks so cute & loves all of the beautiful things you send! Thank you for your generosity!
xoxo, Kelly Rutherford & Helena Grace

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