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Denim News @ Denim Club India July 30, 2010

Sama Baby is proud to be affiliated with Denim Club India! Our new denim was recently featured on their site.

Denim Club India is a social and professional networking place for professionals involved in denim related activities – be it manufacturing, marketing, sourcing, trading, designing, conversion into made-ups, merchandising, retailing, etc. Denim Club India also serves as a Business Center for the buyers and sellers of denim fabrics and denim garments.


The newest, hottest brand to do designer baby jeans is Sama Baby whose organic denim line exploded onto the children’s fashion scene in spring making a huge splash. The jeans are high quality, organic, and affordably priced at $40 a pair for babies from 12 months old to six-year olds.

Their idea grew from a little seed of an idea, explains Head Designer Neha Gupta. The brand’s goal was to create a pair of jeans that are beautifully hand-crafted and focused on organic living in a unique way. Each pair has a special “seed pouch” for tots to put their little seeds in and plant their own garden.

Each pair is designed with super soft denim, an adjustable elastic waistband on the inside to create a stylish outer appearance, laser-etched tags instead of itchy sewn-in labels, embroidered elephant logo on the pocket, rock star elephant lining, with square pockets for boys and diamond-shaped ones for the girls. The denim is lightweight for mobility and all day play and designed to accommodate various shapes, sizes, and growth rates.

TO check out their site click here… Denim Club India.

To shop for your very own Sama Jeans visit

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