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Two young entrepreneurial sisters making a difference with a fashion forward organic cotton baby clothing!

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Street Insider spotlights Sama Jeans

Organic Cotton Denim has become a must-have in everyone’s closet, including celebrity babies and tiny tots. Organic cotton children’s clothes have also become very popular amongst eco-conscious parents around the world.

Stylish babies are taking over the celebrity scene quickly becoming the next big fashionistas. From rocker Kingston to tom-boy Shiloh and even girlie Honor, all the celeb tots are donning a fall must-have – stylish jeans.

The newest, hottest brand to do designer baby jeans is Sama Baby. Their organic denim line exploded onto the children’s fashion scene in spring making a huge splash. Their jeans are high quality, organic, and affordably priced at $40 a pair for babies from 12 months old to six-year olds.

Their idea grew from a little seed of an idea, explains Head Designer Neha Gupta. The brand’s goal was to create a pair of jeans that are beautifully hand-crafted and focused on organic living in a unique way. Each pair has a special “seed pouch” for tots to put their little seeds in and plant their own garden. “We are focused on going green, organic, natural, and caring for the planet in all aspects of living. So the seed pouch was an important idea for us to pass on to children. It’s all about caring about the environment,” said Gupta.

Each pair is designed for the kid on the go with super soft denim, an adjustable elastic waistband on the inside to create a stylish outer appearance, laser-etched tags instead of itchy sewn-in labels, their embroidered elephant logo on the pocket, rock star elephant lining, and square pockets for boys and diamond-shaped ones for the little ladies. The denim is lightweight for mobility and all day play and designed to accommodate various shapes, sizes, and growth rates.

Sama Baby follows the highest standards for organic cotton garments like using eco-friendly dyes, an environmentally safe dyeing process, and biodegradable bags to store their fabrics. Staying true to their heritage, the Gupta’s produce Sama Baby products at a family run, fair-trade factory in India where the family frequently visits their cotton fields and oversees production. “The cotton denim is organic, obviously, but so is the entire process down to the weaving and dying. Plus, they’re made in India under certified fair-trade conditions, so I feel like I’m actually doing a little good for the garment workers of the world in the process,” explains Gupta.

Sama Baby Denim is sold online and at high-end boutiques across the country.

Add a pair to your “jean” pool today by visiting to buy or find a retail location.

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