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Alphamom Reviews Sama Baby!! July 6, 2010

Check out our latest review by AlphaMom. Last week Sama was a big hit in their Fashion Friday section!

Alpha Mom is a consumer lifestyle brand, new media and research company for moms and moms-to-be. It was founded and is run by Isabel Kallman, a mother to a 6-year-old son.

At Alpha Mom they are tolerant of all styles of parenting and believe we can all learn from each other. They don’t believe there is a perfect mom style. In fact, they see humor in motherhood’s imperfections. So, join AlphaMom to learn, support and laugh at the messy and magical experience of being a mom. 🙂

Sama Baby

This cutie is Tori. She’s Cecily’s (of the Uppercase Woman fame) daughter. Doesn’t Tori look like a little ballerina in her Sama Baby courtesan dress? Why yes, she does. That’s because Tori’s off to her first dance recital.

This Sama Baby dress is perfect for a warm summer day when there will be lots of shuttling around, dress changes and photo-album-worthy picture taking.

Sama Baby makes simple but beautifully designed organic clothing for babies and young children that is made with 100% organic cotton. They do not bleach, use chemical softeners, harsh toxic dyes, or mix synthetic materials with their garments. Sama Baby has an extensive layette, but I’ll admit I’m partial to their halter dresses and tunics for girls.

Thanks Tori for being our latest little model!

Check out the original review on their website, and leave a comment: ALPHAMOM

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