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Sama Baby Organics is an EcoBold Finalist! June 30, 2010

Sama Baby is a finalist in the EcoBold search for the best green products!

Steffany is just someone trying to make a difference in this beautiful world of ours! She was born and raised in a small ranch in Brazil and since then her mom taught her sisters and her to compost, recycle, and eat healthy. Sound like a great mom to me 🙂
They had a few fruit trees, chickens, horses, a couple of cows, dogs, 2 cats and even a goat at some point! You get the idea, it was a zoo! They even had “pick up trash” days where they would go to the little forest and pick up what others had left behind.
It was great, they would  play in the mud, eat fresh eggs, fresh milk, run after chickens and they never, ever got sick.
Today Steffany says she is very blessed to be living in Silicon Valley, she is a HUGE fan of showing people green alternatives to conventional products. Steffany says, “”Besides our environment being destroyed by humans, so many people are getting cancer and it’s even common for kids to be born with asthma nowadays. I just know it’s due to the chemicals that are all over products and food that we buy. But guess what? There are many, MANY alternatives out there! Great minded, hard-working, creative, green entrepreneurs are creating products that have a very small carbon footprint and most of them are much healthier for you”.      (source, about section)
To learn more about EcoBold visit their website @
Check out Sama Baby’s  finalist badge 🙂
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