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Kimberly and Brad Paisley: City Girl, Country Boy June 15, 2010

the williams paisley family

When Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams first began dating, the odds were not in their favor. He was a small-town Southern guy turned country singer, just becoming famous for his witty song lyrics and killer guitar style. She was born and raised in New York, then moved to Los Angeles while co-starring in the long-running ABC sitcom According to Jim. She knew zero about country music; in fact, she thought that at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry they sang, well, opera. To him, her Hollywood world had questionable values. “I used to be pretty judgmental back then,” he says.

Then they had dinner together — and afterward both were convinced that something important had happened. “Maybe two people in love always feel like there’s a bigger power at work,” says Brad, 35. Kim, 36, nods in agreement: “We just felt like all the events of our lives had come together for us to meet right when we did.”

The couple got together in the fall of 2001. But Brad fell for his future wife long before he even met her. Ten years earlier, as a 19-year-old aspiring musician in tiny Glen Dale, WV, he spent his first date with a local girl watching Father of the Bride, the movie in which an unknown actress named Kimberly Williams made her film debut.  “I thought, She seems like a great girl — smart and funny and all those things that are so hard to find.”

Finally, one clear and starry night, Brad walked Kim out to the end of the Venice Beach pier and made a speech about how they were meant to be in each other’s lives, and vowed he’d always be there for her.

In February 2007, Kim gave birth to the couple’s first child, a highly energetic boy they named William Huckleberry Paisley (called Huck for short).

Kimberly Williams-Paisley devised a clever way to tell her husband, Brad Paisley that she was pregnant for the second time with Jasper.  She had their 1 ½- year-old son Huck do it! 🙂

We just love this couple! They are adorable and down to earth. We hope you enjoy your Sama Products!! We recently received a thank you from them through Jewels and Pinstripes.

Oh thank you! I was so excited to receive the great birthday box of goodies for Jasper. It is so full of great treasures, as always. I’m ecstatic about the little bites storage jars. Jasper likes to feed himself now and I’m always needing safe, non breakable bowls for him to use – especially when we are on the road. And these are made for travel. I could go on and on but I am running out of space.  Thanks for thinking of us Julie!
I hope you are well – Kim

P.S. Also happy to learn about Kids Against Hunger. We will make a donation…

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