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Escalating Health Problems In Children- Could Be Related to BPA Levels. June 14, 2010

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Escalating Health Problems In Children

Chronic disease and terminal illnesses such as cancer, autism, asthma, birth defects, ADD / ADHD, learning disabilities and developmental disabilities are running rampant in millions of children in North America and Worldwide. Do what you can to keep your child safe!

Studies and scientific evidence are pointing to factors such as a poor diet, environmental hazards and household chemicals as the causes of these life changing and threatening diseases.

It doesn’t help that every day something “new” comes out informing the public that oops! something we thought was safe before is actually very lethal! Take BPA in plastics for example. BPA was virtually ignored as an issue for years until recently.

Here is a video on how the FDA says that BPA is safe despite scientists studies that show otherwise:

It is extremely sad, but most parents are harming their children and they don’t even know it.  You can protect your baby from the hazardous environment we have created for ourselves by buying organic. From the food you feed your child to the clothing you put on their bodies, and so much more in-between.

First thing you can do from the very beginning is to breastfeed your baby. Not only is this the best option for the baby, but it has many benefits for you and the environment as well. It helps you bond with your baby, helps you lose weight, and acts as a birth control method when used exclusively.

It helps the Earth by greatly cutting down on waste, from bottles, formula containers, and disposable bottle liners. Did you know it takes a plastic bottle 450 years to decompose? Cutting down on this will greatly help the Earth. If you do decide to bottle feed, consider using glass bottles and recycling them when your baby gets older. Not only will you not have to worry about BPA, but recycled glass helps keep plastic out of landfills. Just one recycled glass bottle can power 1,000 watts for an hour!

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