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Jenna Elfman wants a Healthy Child, Healthy world too! June 11, 2010

Being supporters of Healthy Child, Healthy world ourselves we were ecstatic to be a part of gifting Jenna Elfman a birthday bag for her little one!

Jenna Elfman welcomed a new baby boy, Tuesday March 2nd,  in Los Angeles. According to People, the child was named Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman. Easton joins big brother, 2-year-old Story Elias.

When Jenna Elfman starred on the comedy Dharma & Greg, her character — a hippie — was big on helping to protect the planet. It turns out that Jenna was not so different than Dharma and has partnered with Healthy Child, Healthy World to help protect children’s environmental health, including that of her son Story Elias. “Motherhood has really connected me to and given me an expanded view and perception of ‘future’ that I never had before,” shares Jenna. “So then I immediately started feeling more aware and responsible for the consequences of all my actions with regard to how they were going to affect my son and his current and future life and environment. It certainly upped my ‘game.’”

I admit, I am not some perfect, green, mother person. But I do use planet/baby-friendly household cleaners, detergent, diapers, wipes, baby soaps/shampoos, flooring, paint, crib mattress and bottles … It’s a start in the right direction.

We think it’s a  great start Jenna 🙂

The letter we recently received through Jewels and Pinstripes:

Thank you for the great baby bag. It was full of so many great products. I especially loved the Mally baby bib. Please extend my thanks to all of your clients for their generosity!

Much Love,
Jenna Elfman

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