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‘Modern Family’ Ty Burrell goes for a ride in the Wienermobile. June 10, 2010

Modern Family's Ty Burrell Adopts a Daughter | Ty Burrell

‘Modern Family’ Ty Burrell goes for a jaunty ride in the Wienermobile.
He may play a hapless father of three on the hit show Modern Family, but Ty Burrell had little real-life parenting experience to draw on – until now.

The actor and wife Holly adopted a baby girl back in March, the couple told PEOPLE exclusively. The Burrells are keeping further details private at this time.

Earlier this month, Burrell, 42, told PEOPLE that one of his favorite aspects of playing Phil Dunphy on the cult comedy is how much the character cares about his kids. “He’s not necessarily good at the things that he does,” the actor laughs, “but he really tries hard!”

What did you do over your summer vacation? “Modern Family” actor Ty Burrell spent his playing a former butter churning champ in the movie “Butter” and driving around in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, as part of the company’s Good Mood Mission to benefit the hungry. During a recent interview, Burrell said that thanks to his role as dopey dad Phil Dunphy on “Modern Family,” he gets recognized on the streets even when he’s sans a giant hot dog-shaped vehicle. “I’m lucky that I’m playing a nice guy,” he said. “Phil’s such a good-natured guy that I get that energy back. I have friends who are famous film actors, and their fan response is totally different — it’s not stalker-y, but it can be mysterious. And there’s nothing mysterious about Phil, nor is there about me.”

We recently received a thank you note from Ty for the gifts we sent over for his family! It’s the least we can do when you are driving around in a big hot dog fighting hunger 🙂

Enjoy the Sama gear~ We wish you, your family and your modern family the best!

Thanks so much to you and your vendors for the lovely gift bag/basket/BOX! It was much appreciated and we’ll get the names out there.

Ty Burrell

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