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Its all about the Little People! June 1, 2010

Check out one of our favorite online retailers!

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The name speaks for itself: It is all about our little people.  4 The Little People, established in March 2010, is an online specialty retailer selling fashionably modern yet high-quality graphic apparel but for baby to toddler only (“the little people”).

Their mission is to sell high-end brands, but keep it affordable for mommy because we all  know how much mothers love to shop for their little people. The idea for 4 The Little People started from the obsession, owner Cicely Turner, had with buying graphic tees. With the launch of 4 The Little People, the most important task is keeping with an “eco-friendly” approach to fashion and they plan to have most brands carried be made of 100% organic cotton, 🙂 like us here at Sama.

There is no mistaking the importance of clothing our little people in the most unique and best quality of fabric, which is why 4 The Little People makes it a point to select very original, fun apparel and brands that will leave an environmentally safe yet fashionable mark on our little people.

Check out their site

To get straight to their Sama page click here

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