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Soleil Moon Frye and Family gifted Sama!! May 26, 2010

In the day-to-day effort to balance work and family, Soleil Moon Frye sets her expectations high – and forgives herself when those efforts fall short.  “We just do the best that we can as moms, as business owners, and when we fall down and we fail, we say, we’ll do it better next time.”  She is proud owner of The Little Seed‘s eco-friendly Private Label children’s clothing line.

“The hardest part is just finding the balance and making sure there’s always the aspect of family and that the family is always first, and that you have that balance.”

Known to millions as the adorable Punky Brewster, actress Soleil Moon Frye began acting when she was only two years old. The daughter of actor Virgil_Frye, Soleil cut her teeth on projects like the TV movie Who_Will_Love_My_Children? before scoring the role of Punky at the age of eight. Audiences fell in love with the precocious child, and she stayed with the show until 1988. After it wrapped, Frye continued to remain creative and active, appearing in films such as Summertime_Switch and even directing the 2004 film Sonny_Boy.

We recently received a thank you note through Jewels and Pinstripes for the gifts she received:

Thank you for all of the goodies, we loved them.  The girls were so excited about everything in the gift bag and we are certainly enjoying all of the wonderful products.  Your generosity is so appreciated.
Best, Soleil

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