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How to Go Green: Cleaning May 5, 2010

As you know, Sama is Organic Baby Clothing and we believe in all things Green!! Especially eco friendly clothing on the precious skin of our planets future leaders. But the point I want to make today is, if you are going to make the effort of BUYING organic, then please follow through and CLEAN with organic products as well. Organic cotton is all well and good, but don’t go and wash it in a bunch of chemicals and toxins, then how organic is it really?! Here are some Top Green Tips from

Various cleaning products in a bucket.(Getty Images / MIXA)

Wash up: Green laundry and washing

It’s quite possible that our war on germs is actually making things worse. Studies have shown that children brought up in over-cleaned houses are more likely to develop allergies, asthma, or eczema. The best thing you can do for sensitive baby skin is not to cover it with synthetic chemicals!! Wash nappies with pure soap and warm water. Make your own non-toxic cleansers with simple ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar. For more, see How to Go Green: Cleaning.

Avoid poor indoor air quality

It is not uncommon for the air inside a home or office to be more toxic than the air outside. This is because of the presence of toxic materials and substances and the fact that homes and buildings are better insulated than ever before (which is a good thing from an energy standpoint). Keeping windows open as often as possible allows fresh air in and keeps toxins flowing out. This is especially important when cleaning your home.

Be careful with antibacterial cleaners

The antibacterial and antimicrobial ‘cleaners’ that many people think are necessary, especially during cold season, don’t clean hands better than soap and water, and also add to the risk of breeding “super germs,” bacteria that survive the chemical onslaught and have resistant offspring. The FDA has found that antibacterial soaps and hand cleansers do not work better than regular soap and water, and should be avoided.

Help your home smell baking soda-licious

Baking soda not only removes those strange smells coming from your fridge, it’s also a great odor-eliminator for your carpet. Just sprinkle on a little baking soda to soak up some of those odors and then vacuum it up.

Design with clean in mind

Designing houses and other building with cleanability in mind can create spaces that are cleaner, healthier, and require fewer substances to maintain. In larger buildings, good cleanability can also be a big money-saver as cleaning costs can often add up to as much as half of a building’s total energy costs.

These are all great green clean tips!! For more visit

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2 Responses to “How to Go Green: Cleaning”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Great tips!
    I switched to natural cleaning a long time ago and when I have time I try to make my own products using for the most part vinegar but sometimes they just don’t seem to be working that well. So to give it a push I add some drops of Citra Solv which is a natural product and has a great effectiveness, also it smells fantastic so it kills the sting of vinegar. If that doesn’t work either then I just use plain Citra Solv, so far nothing has resisted to it, and yes, it’s a natural, biodegradable product, I know, sounds too good to be true!!!

  2. maria Says:

    Hey nice work u do i like it …..Thanks for sharing
    Green Cleaning

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