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Alicia Silverstone’s view on Sama Baby! May 4, 2010

Recently Alicia Silverstone posted about Sama Baby on her website,  Here is what she had to say:

I recently came across SAMA Baby, a clothing company that makes children’s clothes that are totally organic and eco friendly.  I know that many of you Kind Lifers have little ones, so if you’re on the hunt for earth friendly outfits for your kids, take a look.

SAMA Baby was started by 3 sisters who wanted to create a socially conscious, eco friendly and organically sustainable company for like-minded customers.
SAMA Baby doesn’t bleach, use chemical softeners, harsh toxic dyes, or mix synthetic materials in with their garments, which is really great.  And they have such adorable clothes for babies and kids!!  You can take a look at all the clothes HERE.

Of course the first choice for me would be used clothes.  I grew up on hand-me-downs, and I still wear mostly used clothes.  So I can’t wait to buy used clothes when I have kids!  In fact, I was in Canada years ago and found the cutest little used overalls while my husband was looking for shorts, so I got them for when we had kids… Or to gift to someone who had a kid!  They were just so cute, I couldn’t resist.  That may be a little weird… But my point is, there is a bunch of really cute used clothing for kids out there!

Where do you buy clothing for your kids?


About The Kind Life Website         IN SIVERSTONES OWN WORDS
This website is a fantastic resource for those who want to delve deeper into the world of healthy, green, eco friendly living.  The Kind Life is a hub to get valuable information and find resources to help make every aspect of your life as kind as possible; not just the food you eat (although that’s fun too).  I will be posting tons of photos, blogs, and videos detailing all of the things in my life that have helped me to be as kind to the planet as possible.  My friends, colleagues, and medical professionals will also post information on the site.  My goal here is to share everything that I have learned on my journey with all of you, and I want you all to share your experiences with me.  Let’s get inspired together and help each other to live the healthiest, kindest lives possible!  To learn more about the kind life visit Alicia’s website at


We are thrilled to be a part of such a well-rounded eco friendly way of life! Thanks for the kind words Alicia!!

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