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Babies – Why Are They Vulnerable? April 30, 2010

I want to share with you this amazing article I found on It is great to see a single dad’s point of view on babies and the environment, especially one that shares the Sama viewpoint 🙂



As a single dad I make it one of my greatest priorities to be well-informed about what is best for my son and take his upbringing very seriously. I may not be able to be there for him during the day, but I can at least help his minder to bring him up in the best environment.

You do not have to be a scientist or a well-informed individual to believe that the early years of a baby are crucial to their development. Babies are fragile little human beings and the world they are exposed to profoundly affect them as they grow.

How do chemicals from the outside world enter our bodies and why are babies more exposed and vulnerable?

  • Via the Mouth (Food & Water) – Per measure of body weight, babies and infants eat up to 4 times more food than adults do. Consequently, they are ingesting up to 4 times more toxins and chemicals than adults for every measure of weight. WOW!
  • Air – In our first few years, the air we breathe in is double the amount of air (per measure of weight) that we will breathe in as adults. Babies and young children are therefore far more exposed to chemicals and toxins in the air.
  • Skin – Babies skin is more permeable than adult skin allowing chemicals to penetrate much easily.

In addition to the physiological factors that increase the susceptibility of toxins to a  baby,  behavioural patterns and early development  also increase their exposure.

  • Hand to mouth – Babies spend a great deal of their time by placing things in their mouths. They are not picky either and as long as it can go inside their mouths, they will put it there. Not surprisingly, this behaviour will result in a greater exposure to chemicals and toxins.
  • Ground play – Babies and children spend much of their time on the ground. There are many toxins and chemicals they can come into contact with while they are on the ground both in and outside the house.
  • Physiologically undeveloped – Baby’s and young children’s bodily systems are generally underdeveloped compared to those of adults and as a result their ability to process toxins and chemicals may be weak.
  • Rapid development and growth – Growth and development occurs most in the first few years of life and as a result, any toxins which interfere with systems which are still being established in the human body can greatly impede development and destroy cells such as those of the brain and nervous system.

Please take all this in, and remember babies are far more vulnerable than our adult selves and they need our protection from the world we have created.

Also, leave comments and share ways YOU protect your baby from the environment!

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