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Eco Tips from Sama and Planet April 27, 2010

While on my constant search for eco information and innovation. I stumbled upon both in this amazing article from Planet

How to Go Green: Babies

[by Kathreen Ricketson]
A new baby entering your life can create an enormous number of unexpected changes. Along with the little one comes a whole new category of things to purchase — not only the obvious large items like furniture and diapers, but also all the unforeseen extras that seem to accumulate. While having a baby is consumer heaven, the key is to not be gulled into an unnecessary buying frenzy. In truth, a baby has very minimal needs. Although the essentials are important, there is more to a sustainable life with your baby than cloth diapers, organic baby food, and fair-trade clothing.

The article goes on to give GREEN TIPS a couple of our favorite are:

Dress your baby in smart green clothing
All those designer baby clothes are cute and oh so hard to resist in their fruity colors. But be careful. Not only does a baby grow out of clothes amazingly fast, they are constantly sending bodily fluids flying onto those precious outfits. The baby couture might be better replaced with convenient one-piece suits in practical white terry cloth. Choosing organic hemp or cotton, bamboo or wool fabrics made without toxic chemicals are best against a baby’s sensitive skin and last longer with the constant washing. Second-hand clothing is the cheapest and most sustainable option. Get hand-me-downs from friends and family or look in thrift shops, Craigslist, or Freecycle. Also, shop for amazing sales!

Lather up with natural skin care
It’s very easy to get sucked into the constant advertising of baby powders, creams, and lotions. But the best baby lotion is plain old olive oil—cheap, natural, and un-perfumed. As for other products, keep it as natural, organic, and fragrance-free as possible. For more on this, take a look at their guides for How to Go Green: Women’s Personal Care and How to Go Green: Natural Skin Care.

To read further click here! And as always visit and wrap your children in Sama Organic Clothing!!

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2 Responses to “Eco Tips from Sama and Planet”

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  2. The reason I use organic and biodegradable baby products is simply because it is healthier for my baby. There are no chemicals or toxins in it, so it is much better.

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