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Sama gifted Gabrielle Reece and Brody Jo Sama Products!! April 26, 2010

Professional Volleyball player Gabby Reece was named Most Inspiring Collegiate Athlete in 1990 and has enjoyed tremendous success on the volleyball pro circuit. She began modeling in 1989 and her athletic figure has graced the covers of numerous magazines including Outside, Shape, Self, Elle and Life.

“I love being with my daughters in nature,” says the 6′ 2″ Reece. But this modern mom is hardly just about sports and the healthy life. She readily confesses to loving to sneak a little private time in front of the flat screen, the remote control in one hand and a piece of good chocolate in the other. And these are yet more reasons to love this Modern Mom: shes real and shes honest.

What’s your definition of a Modern Mom?

A modern mom is a juggler. As silly as it seems she’s almost like the woman in the 70’s Charlie commercial. She really is bringing home the bacon, nurturing the family and trying to still be vavavoom. I think a modern mom is a little too hard on herself and sometimes beats herself up for not being perfect. I salute all moms. (Reece told Disney ).

We are thrilled to have gifted Reece and Brody Jo with some of our latest Sama products!! We know you will make them look good! Thanks for the nice phone message through Jewels and Pinstripes!

To purchase your own Sama clothing visit

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