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How to Go Organic Baby! April 13, 2010

One of our favorite sites here at Sama is

They have lots of informative articles on how to choose your organic products, organic product lists, and this one I attached below, How to go organic baby! Everyone should read this, pass it on!

The best way to understand what it means to go organic for babies is to understand the ways in which we can introduce toxins and chemicals into our babies’ lifestyles. Here are some small changes we can make to eliminate these pathways for toxins and chemicals to enter our baby’s environment and bodies.

  • Food – Making organic and safe choices for the food fed to babies
    • Baby Formula and food for the different stages and ages of babies and toddlers is widely available in organic and chemical free products
  • Air – The selection of organic products which do not release harmful chemicals into the air
    • Cleaning products: release many chemicals into the air throughout your home
    • Miscellaneous Sprays
    • Air Deodorizers: Fill the air with a scent made of chemicals. Natural organic scents made from nature are non-toxic and harmless, though the high concentration of natural ingredients may still cause allergies
    • Paints: paints release toxins and chemicals in the air. Organic paints are available in stunning colors which do not leach such chemicals
  • Skin Absorption – products absorbed by the skin are rampantly used in the early years of a children.
    • Moisturizers
    • Nappy Creams
    • Baby Wipes
    • Shampoo
    • Bath Wash
    • Soap
  • Touch
    • Garden products: chemicals that are used to kill or deter insects and plant diseases leach into the soil or stay on top. These are then ingested by exploring babies and youngsters
    • Cleaning products: as well as being breathed in, the chemicals from cleaning products settle on surfaces that babies touch with their hands before placing them in their mouths
    • Toys: Babies and toddlers play with toys and then their fingers are placed inside their mouths. Paints, varnishes, treated cotton and plastics for example can contain toxins and chemicals
    • Clothing: Chemicals used in the production of clothing is absorbed into the skin and can also be the trigger for allergies

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2 Responses to “How to Go Organic Baby!”

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  2. The reason I use organic and biodegradable baby products is simply because it is healthier for my baby. There are no chemicals or toxins in it, so it is much better.

    Good post, thanks for sharing.


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