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Michelle Caplan, Son Sasha and the Elephant Gown! April 1, 2010

I am a mother, freelance writer, editor, holistic coach and therapist blogging my mother quest. On this blog, I am exploring my life-long yearning to connect with a mother figure as well as sharing my pilgrimage to become a mother. The realization of life as a new mother and how it has transformed this motherless girl shares space with my investigations into the archives of my life where I hope to better understand and connect with the mother I was born to and the one that stepped in to raise me. The essence of motherhood in theory and in practice; discovering and nurturing the Divine Mother’s wisdom; writing as a form of creativity and fertility are all topics that call to me and will hopefully appeal to my readers as well. My goal is to tap into a sisterhood of mothers and empower the mother within us all. I recently realized that all the work I have done in my life: my graduate training in Education and Psychology; the years of working with writers to give birth to their vision as an editor, coach, and ghostwriter; the continual training and practice of mind-body therapies–was leading me to this mission–learning, knowing and communicating the mystery of mother on WSM. To learn more about Michelle Caplan visit her blog at

Check out these ADORABLE photos of her baby in our Sama gown 🙂

Is Sasha still wearing those Sama gowns?
Of course.
But they’re for babies.  And they’re for girls.
He’s still a baby.  And Sasha is one groovy gown wearing boy.

Some of the Stages of Sasha’s gown wearing: To see more photos visit her blog

When it’s cold or when Sasha is getting busy, especially now with his enthusiastic walking, we add lounge pants and wear the gown tunic style.

Michelle’s thoughts on Sama:

Sama Baby makes the best organic gowns we’ve found, and they are generously sized but they only have the gowns up to 12 months so we are approaching the end of our glorious gown days.  So we will be continuing on with their rompers which Sasha also wears with style.

Thanks for the photos Michelle and Sasha! Our Elephant gown has never looked better! 🙂

To purchase your own Sama gown visit

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