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Eco Toys – Have you heard of Green Toys Yet? March 17, 2010

Check out this Australian Blog we are fans of here at Sama! This blog shares the coolest eco-friendly toys around, Like this brand:

Green TOys

Green Toys is a US company that makes environmentally friendly children’s toys from 100% recycled milk containers. They use milk containers because it is completely free from Phthalates & BPA and one of the safest & cleanest plastics around. Tea SetI‘I be honest, I was a bit hesitant at first, due to them being made out of plastic, but the more research I did on them, the more I realised that they were an exceptional, high quality, 100% green product!

Green ToysGreen Toys

One of the things that I love about Green Toys is that they are FDA (food contact standards) certified. If your child is like mine and loves to have tea parties pouring with real water then you can be rest assured that it is safe and unlike wooden tea and cooking sets can get wet. It is also dishwasher safe and meets the highest international standards ( EN71 and ISO 8124) for safety.

Sand play

The outdoors toys are extremelley durable and strong, so although you might initially pay more for a sandpit play set or jump rope, they will last much longer.  The jump rope is made from  100% pure and soft cotton so won’t hurt your child’s legs.

Recycled Garbage Truck

Jump Rope

Oh and one more thing! They come packaged in the coolest, 100% recycled gift boxes that look fantastic and you know you are doing something good for the environment when you buy a Green Toy.

So they have a big thumbs up from me, Green Toys are good for the environment!

Click here to view our full range of Green Toys.

Recycling garbage truck

A little bit about Eco Toys

At Eco Toys they believe that toys should be safe for kids to play with and also kind to our planet.Their toys are made with respect for the environment and its people and they believe that each and every one of us can make a difference.

Here at Sama, we agree with you! Thanks Eco-Toys for introducing us to this brand, and thanks Green Toys for making such an incredible product!

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