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Sarah Chalke is a SAMA Fan!! March 9, 2010

‘Scrubs’ star Sarah Chalke is a proud mother. The beautiful blond actress gave birth to a baby boy on Christmas Eve last year! Her son, Charlie Rhodes Afifi, gets his last name from Chalke’s fiance Jamie Afifi.  This is the first child for Sarah, 33, and her fiance Jamie Afifi.  We are happy to hear she received the gift basket we sent through Jewels and Pinstripes, that included Sama Items, along with many other fabulous baby gifts!! 🙂

A little bit about Sarah:

In her leisure time, Chalke prefers cooking with friends (especially Thai and sushi), playing the guitar, hiking, skiing (she’s an instructor), snowboarding, kayaking and reading. She volunteers at a hospice for terminally ill children and works for the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund.  Sarah grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has dogs named Harley and Tankers.

Her father is a lawyer and both her parents are mediators who also run a child adoption agency. Two years ago, she accompanied her parents to China to coordinate the adoption of several orphans there.

She is vegetarian, like most of the Sama Baby team, (yea! ). Initially her father was not, but he eventually gave in due to family pressure.

We think Sarah is a well-rounded women and a great mom!  We hope you enjoy your Sama products Sarah!

Sarah’s thank you note read:

Julie…just got the most amazing box of stuff for charlie last week from reena!!! thank you so much! he is such a lucky little guy. all the stuff is so special. and with his name on it? i love it
thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!

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