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Design Mom Features Sama Baby Organics!! March 4, 2010

Gabrielle Blair is a designer/art director AND mother of five who lives in New York.

She does blog posts about where design and motherhood intersect. Gabrielle has a great eye for inspiring products and she recent reviewed Sama Baby!

Shivani and Neha met Gabrielle at the recent Mom 2.0 gathering. Gabrielle reviewed only a few products from the show. Like Gabrielle, we are also fans of Weil Baby, check out som of their products below!

Words from the Design Mom herself:

It is endlessly interesting to me to see how the products-for-baby market has changed in the last decade. Every year there are loads of pretty new things to try (and lots of gimmicky things we can all ignore). At Mom 2.0, a handful of excellent, new-to-me baby lines crossed my path. Check it.

Weil baby, who makes sleek, colorful (bpa-free!) baby bottles gave me a charming basket full of baby soaps and baby shampoos and baby lotions by Erbaviva. They smell fresh and clean, they’re totally organic, and I love the little illustrations on each container. (If I can get myself to the post office, I know the perfect person to send this basket-full-of-loveliness to.)

The sweet sisters of Sama Baby sent me home with a yellow-lotus print dress in Betty’s size. Made of organic materials (like everything in the Sama Baby line). As soon as it’s even a little warm, you can bet Betty will want to wear that dress every single day.

Send tips, products or Ask-Design-Mom questions to

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