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Lisa Loeb is a Sama Baby Fan! March 3, 2010

In 1994 when Lisa Loeb’s breakout song, “Stay (I Missed You),” landed at No. 1 on the charts it was a remarkable and unparalleled feat for an unsigned artist, ( and I was singing along every chance I got!!),  though perhaps not a surprising one for the recent Brown grad, the girl with the cat-eye glasses, who at the time was already making her mark in New York’s burgeoning singer-songwriter scene.

These Days Lisa has got her hand in many different things, from her camp song albums to her new line of glasses.  We just love her. That is why we recently gave her some of Sama Baby’s  soft luxurious organic cotton clothing for her daughter Lyla. She responded warmly and wrote this thank you letter:

Thank you so much for another fantastic goodie bag! The diaper bag is so cute and so are the clothes and hairclips and blankets. I’ll reach out to the individual companies as soon as I have another minute!

Thank you!!
You’re so generous,
Lisa, Roey and Lyla

We can’t get enough of what Lisa is doing, like this CAMP LISA album:

The Camp Lisa record is basically as close as I can get to a time machine.  This music takes me back to my pre-teen years, which are probably more similar to even younger kids’ lives today.  I wanted to remember some traditional songs and write some new camp-themed songs that could take you from leaving home, through your camp days,  to saying goodbye until the next time.  In the recording process with my songwriter/musician friends, Michelle Lewis and Dan Petty, the music made me realize that I’d love to share the camp experience with kids who might not normally have the opportunity to go to summer camp, and in this first year, we found S.C.O.P.E., is a well- established organization who can help The Camp Lisa Foundation succeed in this great dream!  A portion of the proceeds of the album sales go to the Foundation, and you can find out other ways to contribute too, if you look on-line at

For more information on Lisa Loeb check out her website at

Thanks for the kind words Lisa! You are an amazing role model!

Balance, Serenity, Fashion, SAMA

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