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Know More. Worry Less. Live Better. February 10, 2010

With parenthood comes a most spectacular wake-up call.  Are you awake?

For almost 20 years, Healthy Child Healthy World has witnessed the “light-bulb moment” of millions of parents when they learn that their homes, their environments, and their own bodies have been unknowingly contaminated by toxic chemicals. Its unthinkable that the government hasn’t been protecting our families, and that industry has greedily swept aside concern for public health in the face of profit.

Our CEO Shivani Gupta shares this philosophy, and loves their book, Healthy Child Healthy World. Shivani says, “this book is amazing and every single person in the world should read it!”

When parents realize what they are exposing their children to they soon feel betrayed, they feel vulnerable, and they feel alone.

Healthy Child is there to help parents understand this new reality, to teach them how to minimize risk, and to provide the tools so they can do something about it.

But its time to really shake things up, by waking parents up. Please help us send a universal wake-up call to inform parents about the dangers of toxic chemicals in our world, and get a movement of parents activated to do something about it in 2010!

Few of us can afford to be full-time activists. But Sama and  Healthy Child Healthy World share this little mantra: “No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

Here’s what you can do: spread the word and wake-up another parent.Watch and  Share this video with your co-workers, send it to your child’s school community, post it on Facebook and Tweet it to your network.

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