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Thank You Note- From a Houston Sama Fan! February 4, 2010

Today we would like to share some nice words from a loving Houston mom, isn’t her daughter adorable!!  Also, check out her Indian cook book, coming out sometime this year!

Dear Sama Baby,

At my baby shower, I received a gift that elicited a bunch of “ooohs and “ahhhs” from the guests.  A good friend had picked out the Sama baby gown, knotted hat, washcloths and a dress for my baby girl, Jaya.  The washcloths are perfect for her baths, since they are so gentle on her skin, unlike the rough towel-like ones.  I also love the gown, since I can easily check her diaper and change it, and my baby lounges and naps comfortably in the gown. The soft pink color of the gown is beautiful, and the elephant logo is so cute!  The “Raspberry Rose Rock star” dress will be perfect when the weather warms up.

I am from Houston and have an Indian cookbook, Entice with Spice, coming out this year, and I teach Indian cooking classes at Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma, and Whole Foods.  Right now though, I am taking a break from the classes and enjoying the days with my precious baby girl.  Of course, in the evening when my husband comes home, he takes her from me and won’t let go!

Thanks Sama Baby for making such pretty and practical items, and thanks to my friend for being so thoughtful and choosing a wonderful gift!

Here is a picture of my baby napping in her Sama baby gown.


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