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One Mom Against Eczema: Reviews Sama Clothing January 25, 2010

Recently Sama was reviewed by Cindy, a woman who is dedicated to providing information to others on how to treat and prevent eczema. Cindy is a Christian, wife, mom, homeschooler, lover of books, animals, learning, laughing and naps! For more information check out her blog:

Cindy is an expert on the subject. Her latest blog post reads:

I have always noticed that stress can cause more scratching. It has been evident with all our children with eczema that whenever they are upset or worried about something, they start scratching. They each have a particular place to scratch when they are upset. For Baby it is her neck and face, little man scratches his wrists and Eldest starts on his chin when he is worried about something……….. (to continue reading click link below)

Cindy’s review of Sama is below:

Baby wore her new Sama Baby Outfit to evening Church on Sunday. I failed to notice the first time around that there are cuffs on the sleeves like these that my mother in law sewed onto baby’s footie pjs. It is impossible to find these on anything but infant clothing, I thought that was awesome! You can fold the cuffs over to prevent the child from scratching, which is always good with eczema.

This clothing is so nice – adorable, so soft, clean up very well, very sturdy for my baby who is rough on clothes and makes me feel good to know that they are all organic and carefully prepared to be safe and non-irritating against baby’s sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend them to others.

The only thing that would hold me back is the prices. Honestly, for organic high quality clothes, they are priced very reasonably. The prices are less than what I have seen brand name non-organic clothes for, but with 6 children, we can’t afford to dress them all that well. But I may be able to add a couple pieces to her wardrobe. 🙂

For more on what products are good for children with eczema, how to treat the symptoms, or to ask your question, visit Cindy’s blog. She will kindly answer all of your questions:

To purchase Sama Baby products visit our online store at and click on shop.

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One Response to “One Mom Against Eczema: Reviews Sama Clothing”

  1. Stacey Henry Says:

    I just found your blog and love it! I am very interested in eczema and was so moved by eczema and its horror stories that I founded a website around this topic. . We have a product called Renew lotion that works awesome and will eliminate the need to use a hydrocortisone steroid. Check it out!

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