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Come take a walk down One Green Street. Grand Opening This Saturday January 23rd!! January 21, 2010

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Don’t miss the Grand Opening of One Green Street, An Organic Lifestyle Destination at 5160 Buffalo Speedway, Houston, Texas 77005. The Sama team will be there! Come join the fun!

The opening will explore a Winter Wonderland theme featuring warm toasty fireplaces by EcoSmart Fire as well as door prizes, beats & eats and a “Green” shopping experience like no other!

Sherry Eichberger, founder of One Green Street, has a vision: “I long for a day,” she says, “where we all live on the same street, the Green Street. People who live on that street are healthier and happier.”

Sherry founded One Green Street after an epiphany that followed a crisis. “Two otherwise healthy men in my neighborhood died of cancer,” she says, with some sadness. “In my heart I felt like those deaths could have been avoided.”

So, she began a years-long study and personal journey that both educated her and stunned her. She found that there are healthy alternatives but oftentimes the buying public either doesn’t know about those alternatives or is never offered them in the first place.

One Green Street is her answer, and it has become her mission. The amazing store and website will offer healthy alternatives in a widely varied roster of products-everything from bedding to cosmetics. It promises to make the decision to buy and use healthy products a cool and hip one.

And, a visitor will always feel special. “I want people to feel welcome in our store…welcome to visit, to ask questions, to learn with us as we discover more about what is best for us, she says. And I hope that they’ll find that what is good for them is also fun.”

We at Sama agree with Sherry’s vision, so that’s why you can find the latest Sama products at her store!

Everybody will be talking about this event long after it has passed. We hope to see you there!

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