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We just got a thank you card from Alysia Reiner!! January 19, 2010

Alysia Reiner and her husband, fellow actor David Alan Basche, just became first-time parents to daughter Livia in December 2008. While Livia’s entrance caused a “massive shift in [their] familial universe,” the 39-year-old Sideways star said there’s nothing quite like Liv’s “very generous smiles, giggles and babbles.”

Alysia says, “Motherhood has been amazing. I truly had no idea of my capacity to love until I met Livia. Everyone says that, and I feel like a cliché, but it’s so true. Having said that, I’ll also say the first few months are rough, and if you’re a new momma going through it, the change in your life/body/marriage/identity are cosmic. Don’t underestimate hormones either! Be kind to yourself, and give yourself a break – both mentally and actually – whenever you can.We LOVE the outfit!

Her thank you card to us read:

My momma is in love with your line: organic, stylish and so cute!

Thank you for making my birthday the bestest!

Livia ( & Alysia & David)

We love Alysia!! She is powerful woman and has a great outlook on life! She is a great role model for Livia, and I am sure she is a great mom! We are so happy she can relate to our line. Thanks Alysia David and Livia!!

Click below to read Alysia’s birth story – Livia was almost born in the car! – and hear all about her deeply personal film, Speed Grieving….

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