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Valentine’s Day is on its way- Spread the love January 11, 2010

2010 is up and running, and Valentines Day is on its way!

Valentines Day is a day to celebrate the ones you love. Get creative, go all out, but most important-  make it come from the heart! Looking back over the years, I remember celebrating Valentine’s Day in many different ways… I remember early on, when my dad was my Valentine and would surprise me with a gift and lots of extra hugs that day!  Then you get into school years, when you collect Valentines from everyone in your class, praying that the boy who sits in front of you gave YOU the biggest heart of all! Moving on to more recent years, you fall in love and use Valentine’s Day to cherish the feelings you share with one another, and eventually with your children.

No matter who you celebrate with this year, use this day to tell someone you care. Spread the love and let us know how you do it! Got big plans for your sweeetie or children? A romantic plan in the works? Share your Valentine’s Day plans with us- Leave a comment here…

If you need gift ideas for your children, baby, or know someone who does… check out the Sama Baby website

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