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Congratulations Modern Mom Givaway winner- Jackie Shapiro! January 5, 2010

Congratulations to Jackie Shapiro!! She is the winner of the modern mom giant celebrity girl gift basket! She won tons of great gifts. This is the same bag that has been sent to countless Celebrities,  but this year  Jewels and Pinstripes gave this bag to ModernMom for a giveaway! This bag is valued at $1400, WOW! Be sure to check our website for the latest ways to win  Sama Baby products-

This gift bag includes: gift certificate for personalized mommy jewelry from Isabelle Grace Jewelry, gift certificate for classic carrier Kokopax, no slip bows and clips Ladybugs and Lullabies, Green Gladiola Diaper Bag from AmyMichelle, gift certificate for mommy cards and personalized thank you notes from, Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewels, Baby Girl Birthday Box Gift Set from Bloomers Baby, gift certificate for personalized Mabel’s Labels, baby sling from Tot-to-go, pillow and coordinating blanket from Baby Elephant Ears, onesie from Sama Baby, gift certificate for a custom bear from The Patchwork Bear, pink boots by Robeez, animal blankie and animal napping blanket from Angel Dear, Smart Zip Sleeper from Hello World, Bottle Snugglers in cow design, hand, face and stroller wipes by Punky Wipes, pink Sweater Socx by Beba Bean, onesie by Babble Babywear and onesie by Bee-Tees.

Check out this link for more information-


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