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2010 -The New Year-The New You January 4, 2010

Happy New Year! At the beginning of a new year I find it helpful to look back at all the accomplishes personally and professionally I have made in the previous year. I highly suggest this to all of you, you will be surprised at how far you have come! At Sama Baby, last year, our press coverage made a huge leap! We really managed to get our product out there, to all of you wonderful mommies who were in need of organic clothing. We reached out to some great online and print sources, including Vanity Fair! We have had great responses and feedback on our product and are looking forward to putting the final touches on a new collection. This year we are ready to get a fresh start and introduce some new items to our growing brand. Please check out a summary of our press coverage at the link below. its a great way for you to figure out which Sama products are right for you. Find out what other people are saying about us, and choose wisely what products are the best fit for your little bundle of joy. Lets continue our eco friendly lifestyles with determination this year and really do our part to keep our enviroment clean for our healthy happy babies!

And don’t forget to do your reflecting on 2009, take the good pieces with you into 2010 and leave the ones you can do without behind. We grow by learning from our experiences and holding tight to those lessons in the future!

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Calmness, Balance, Serenity, SAMA


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