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Guest Blog- Nichole from VannyBean shares her thoughts! December 22, 2009

I am so excited that SAMA baby has asked me to do a guest blog on their site. SAMA baby is a luxurious baby clothing line and made with Organic Cotton.

Let me start by introducing myself and telling you what is the ultimate hype about organic vs. traditional cotton and how fits into a lifestyle choice for your baby and loved babies in your life. My name is Nichole Groat and I have been in the apparel industry for ten years, my love of the industry lead me to Kansas to work for an apparel design company and then came along.  Vanny Bean is an organic baby and toddler boutique, we ❤ SAMA baby and carry it as a great choice for clothing.

What’s all the hype about organic anyway…When we are talking about Organic Cotton vs. Traditional Cotton there is a very distinctive, major impact on the environment. Traditional Cotton uses genetically modified seeds and more than likely has a mono (one crop) year after year. This means the soil is striped of nutrients and requires a whole lot of water. Many highly dangerous chemicals are applied to the crop using herbicides which account for 25% of the worlds use, pesticides which nine forms are highly toxic and five have cancer causing effects. The spray then drifts to farms, wildlife, and population in the area…

Organic Cotton uses pure seeds, builds strong nutrient dense soil through crop rotation, and retains water more effectively…Weeds are physically removed through a good ol fashioned hand hoe. No harsh chemicals are used and beneficial insects help protect the crop. When it’s time for the crop to rotate, instead of spraying the crop yet again with harsh chemicals like traditional, Mother Nature does its work through a freeze and the process starts all over again.

The importance of Organic Cotton for your children is an eco-conscious decision that promotes health and safety. Wouldn’t it be nice to use garments that have no harsh chemicals used to produce them…? That is SAMA baby. SAMA baby uses organic cotton for your precious loved ones because they know how important your little one is.  Our favorite product by SAMA BABY is the Lucky Layette Gift Set, can you say ‘All in one fun’. The gift set offers a cute basket, towel, hat, romper, and so much more.


Your Friends at Vannybean


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