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Are you Breathing? Gaining Perspective During the Holidays! Let us Know if you like our personal voice! November 20, 2009

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After doing a lot of thinking, and a great meeting I had with Carla at CHANGE Magazine, I decided to include more of a personal voice to you.

As the holidays are approaching, and everyone is running around to get everything done perfectly, I wanted to give you some perspective. Breathe.
Usually every morning when I wake up, I hear a little bird that taps on my window in a repeated fashion.  Since, I am NOT a morning person, I usually slap the window and scare it away – in complete anger.  But today, I listened to all my alarms (as I hit snooze), and then saw the cute little bird on my windowsill, and thought – what a nice little way to wake up. Nature woke me up this morning. What could be cooler than that, living in a bustling city like Houston?

So in this idea of community, family, and nature – We should all remember to gain some perspective as we meet with loved ones and friends during Thanksgiving. Remember the strengths and goodness of each person.  Think about that one aspect or memory you have for them, and stay positive.  Family is in your life for a reason, and although we may not always get along with them, it is important to understand the value of family, and celebrate it!

Hope you enjoyed my first personal message. If you did enjoy it, please comment on this post, and I will include more tidbits in the future!
Happy Holidays!
Neha Gupta

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