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Oprah, Sama Baby, Aishwarai Rai and Abhishek Bachan! September 30, 2009

So, you may not know, but Oprah is one of my favorite shows to watch.  Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday? Of course, one of the best shows I’ve watched in a while from her!

Oprah featured Bollywood, not for the first time this year, but the SECOND! She had Aishwarai Rai Bachan and Abhishek Bachan on her show – talking about how hot India is – how festive the culture was, and how interesting it is.

As someone who has grown up here with an Indian background – it has been wonderful to watch the unveiling of Indian culture! It is wonderful how welcoming Oprah is and opening up everyone’s perspective on some of the most major actors around the world!

Our inspiration for Sama Baby  – Organic cotton baby clothing is straight from India. The rich colors, the prints, the ideas behind our design are specifically straight from my culture.

I am so happy to see that our culture is so beautifully accepted and expressed – and everyone loves the how exotic and festive our culture is!

I wanted to give you an inspirational trek on how I designed one of our items!

If you see our kimono top with beautiful ruffles, I used the ancient motif of the paisley.  If you look at Aishwarai’s sari on the show – she is wearing a beautiful sari that features beautiful paisleys.  She is sticking to traditional motifs and prints – beautiful little embroidered motifs that feature Indian culture!

Our kimono top is rooted from Indian motif design featuring the paisley, the organic nature by including little specs of green leaves, and the western favorite colors of chocolate and pink for little girls.
This piece was a way for me to combine the whimsical style of a kimono top, with my passions and culture!

cblook at the paisleys at the bottom of her outfit!

FW08-G1011-2Sama Baby Paisley Print!


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