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A Thank You to All Moms out there! September 25, 2009

Everyone has one. I mean literally everyone I know has one. A cute little Coach wallet or a demi purse. How cute?

Well a little secret here in the Sama office. I used to help design those. Like pick colors of the leathers, the hardware, the edgepaint on the side of the hangtag. The hangtag shape – you name it. I was a design developer, and I loved my job.

But you know what I love even more. My job now. Working with family, having a flexible schedule so if I am needed anywhere I can run if necessary. Working into the wee hours of the night, and not feeling that I am checking in, or really trudging along. Instead, I followed my passion to do exactly what I wanted – and we are getting great response.

So my way of thanking all of you – moms that love my product, moms that take photos of their children in my clothing, and put it on their facebook page, moms that get my gifts, moms that are so inspiring to me – this is my way of giving back to you.
Now what’s the hardest job in the world? Being a mom. So you know what, splurge a little bit. Buy a beautiful Sama outfit for your little one. Why not get a cute $200 Coach Wallet in your order. That’s my way of saying to ALL you moms out there that I meet, and moms I don’t meet: “YOU DESERVE IT!”

Thank you for supporting me! For letting me jump off the corporate ladder, and really focus on being green and promoting fair trade, eco-friendly dyes, and designing clothes that are inspired by India, made in India, to benefit India! So go, and visit and get your chance now – one in fifty customers this week!

Love you all,




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