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Two young entrepreneurial sisters making a difference with a fashion forward organic cotton baby clothing!

Sama Baby at ENK NYC! August 27, 2009


ENK is the children’s industry main trade show – the show to be at when you are a clothing line.  It is where hundreds of buyers come, including Barney’s, Saks, Neimans, and much more. For us it was such a success – it was our first time doing the show, and people just LOVED our items – and of course, our pricepoint. In today’s economy – people are looking at every single dollar they spend – not just as a consumer, but as a buyer of a boutique.  They know that moms are looking for a good product – fairly priced, beautifully designed adorably soft.  And of course, the moms that are organic minded, and focus on organic cotton clothing – love our line – since we price everything reasonably against any other normal conventional line in a boutique!

Building a brand in a small space can be tough, 5 X 5….but when you give two greenista fashionistas a chance – -this is what it looked like!


A beautiful video with our lovely Sama Mama’s in their amazing a fashion items from Sama Baby, a wonderful hand-made grid – made by none other than the Sama Mama team, and of course our beautiful baby clothes hanging.  We of course featured our great top press from Vanity Fair!


Doing the show was great – we learned so much from everyone around, and got to really connect with a lot of other owners – and meet some of the coolest female entrepreneurs.

I would love it if everyone did this exercise. If you had to fit your entire personality, drive, or ideas into a 5 X 5 space – what would it look like? What would you highlight about yourself? What would you focus on as your self?


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