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Two young entrepreneurial sisters making a difference with a fashion forward organic cotton baby clothing!

Gigi Chang, CEO of Plum Organics! August 25, 2009

If there is anything that females should support – it is other females.

At Sama Baby Organics we believe that babies should be clothed in soft, luxurious, organic cotton – designed beautifully, and affordable.  Organic Cotton is not a trend, it is something that will be staying for a long time in today’s market. Moms want natural, moms want organic, moms are creating an awareness about this movement.


We had no idea that sitting down with other female entrepreneurs – we could meet like-minded, interested women, that have the same drive and mission that we do at Sama Baby!  To find hard working, compassionate, innovative women that are entrepreneurial in spirit, than why not partner together?

That’s why Sama Baby had lunch at Fig & Olive to discuss with Founder and CEO, Gigi Chang, of Plum Organics to discuss possible ways we can partner to promote healthy living inside and out for babies all over the world.


We loved meeting with Gigi. She had vision, drive, and most of all passion for her business. She believes that developing the taste palette fo your child is so important.

At Plum Organics, they  believe that introducing babies to real food with interesting, flavorful tastes and textures as early as possible create a foundation for a life time of healthy eating. Our foods are cooked just the right amount as compared to other processing methods used by conventional jarred baby food that expose foods to high temperatures and lengthy cooking times.

Overcooking food results in less texture and flavor which is evident in its appearance. The natural nutrients are also lost through this process. Research has shown that eating a variety of healthy foods and minimizing the intake of processed foods with additives and preservatives can help avoid health concerns later in life such as allergies, obesity and early onset diabetes.

They have a belief that by exposing our babies to real food at an early age, their palates are conditioned to accept and appreciate real foods with flavor, variety and healthful benefits. We believe this will encourage your growing child to experiment with new and exotic tastes for years to come.

I absolutely loved this philosophy.  As a cook, I truly believe in the mission of Plum Organics – provide nutritious foods, organic, and simple, but full of health, life, and vitality!  It’s also great to talk with someone else who is also in Whole Foods too!

More to come on this. Watch as Sama Baby and Plum Organics find ways to partner – as we promote healthy babies inside and out!


-Neha Gupta


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